Why software upgrades in companies can cause panic and fear

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2022)

panic and fear_software upgradesWe’ve seen many companies go through software transformations. Either they are upgrading their current system or implementing an entirely new and improved solution. Either way, when employees hear that their current system is changing, they panic, before they even get a chance to see or try the new system. Unfortunately, this happens all too often and can cause implementation projects to take longer than originally planned. The users are of course an important and necessary part to any software implementation process. Without their open-mindedness and willingness to learn the new system, this project can either fail or be a major headache for everyone involved.

Breaking the Habit

Some words that tend to cause fear and panic in the workplace include CHANGE, NEW, DIFFERENT and the UNKNOWN. It’s only normal that for many people change is not easy, especially if these people are so used to something that it has eventually become a habit. Not only has it become a habit for them, but they get so comfortable doing something a certain way that by asking them to use a different or better way, entails a little extra work on their part to learn the new process. All of this is especially true when it comes to business software systems. Employees get comfortable doing daily, monthly, and yearly tasks and projects with the old system. Asking them to break this comfortable and habitual process of completing their tasks is when complaints, hesitations and refusals begin to be voiced, even though they know at the back of their minds, it has the potential to be more efficient.

In with the NEW, out with the OLD

Unfortunately, when it comes to technology, there are always changes and upgrades made, not even necessarily when talking about business IT solutions. For example, those who use an iPhone, they know that every few months a new alert pops up with a new iOS upgrade. Not only are there continuous and frequent operating system changes but also device changes. Every year or so, there is a new iPhone with new features, new applications and a new design.

Why are we so quick to change our systems and tech devices to have the latest gadgets and applications in our personal life but not in the workplace, where it has the potential to bring a company further success and growth?

It’s no surprise that there are always new and better ways of running a business. Improving business processes is a goal many IT business providers and company owners and executives strive for. The tough part is getting employees on board. Of course, employees also want improvements for the company but it can be a difficult process getting them used to new or upgraded systems.

Replacing Panic with Excitement

Most often, if a business found a better way to do something using an upgraded software solution, then it should definitely be used for the overall benefit of the company’s growth and success. Employees (or users of the new system) should focus on this rather than on the new change that is taking place that will force them to break their habit. Being open-minded to new and better ways, just like many people are in their personal life, will allow for an easier transition from old to new solutions. This ‘change’ that many fear will only slightly disrupt their work life in the beginning, when they are in the process of getting used to the new system. However, once they are accustomed to it, they will form new habits and go on like nothing ever happened. The only difference will be that the business processes have become easier and more efficient, and the owners will see productivity and overall business improvements. A real ‘Win-Win’ in the end!

Getting Comfortable with all things NEW

To get everyone in the company on board with a new and upgraded system, it’s necessary to allow everyone to test out the new system in a demo version before going LIVE. Not only is this crucial but it’s also important to provide user trainings and demonstrations either in face-to-face meetings, user manuals or short demo videos.

Therefore, if you are one of these employees who begin to panic at software upgrades happening at your place of work, don’t panic! Focus on the long-term benefits it will provide, not only in completing your tasks and projects more efficiently but also in the success of the company. Take the time to play with the new system and ask any questions you have to your IT provider to understand the system fully.

Business software improvements are a good thing – it’s time to embrace them!

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