Halloween Special: Don’t get ‘spooked’ by IT Implementation

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2022)

halloween_special-1Implementing a new software solution can be quite ‘spooky’ for many business executives. Some would choose to work with outdated systems rather than upgrade to a fully integrated and efficient solution, even if they know it can improve their business processes. Why is this so?

Take a look at some explanations from business executives on their hesitation to implement new IT solutions at their company:

1)  No Time

We all know how busy executives can be. It’s not rare for many of them to have a hard time finding the right time to begin new projects, as daily tasks, problems, situations, etc. always seem to take over. Just thinking about the amount of effort it will take for a new software implementation project can cause some of these executives to panic and stress.

SOLUTION: Delegate; by allowing a Project Manager to take over the software implementation phase and making sure he/she works closely with the IT Provider, you will have the time to manage your business and get this project up and running. What many people forget is that an IT implementation project requires all employees and the IT Provider to work together to allow for an easier and quicker process. It is not solely on the shoulders of executives or managers.

2)   Bad Past Experiences

This explanation is quite common and our IT consultants have heard this time and time again. It’s unfortunate that IT implementation has gotten a bad rep due to terrible previous software experiences. IT projects have either gone over budget, over the scheduled timeframe or have had too many unexpected situations arise during the process.

SOLUTION: Plan ahead of time; have clear goals and requirements laid out and shared with the IT Provider ahead of time. By working together and keeping each other in the loop, this process can go smoothly. Support from the IT Provider is crucial during and after implementation. The key is to find a provider that offers great support for its software users (like our wonderful team).

3)  No Available Budget

This is another very popular excuse. Years ago, it was quite common to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an initial software investment. Due to this reason, many executives, especially those of a small to mid-size business, believe all IT implementations will cost this much. However, technology is so advanced today that systems like ERP solutions are affordable to businesses of ALL sizes.

SOLUTION: Choose the right IT Provider that doesn’t overcharge for software solutions. Due to the emergence of the ‘cloud’, many systems are priced based on monthly or yearly subscriptions with a very low initial investment. Also, solely focusing on the present expenses of the software implementation can make you lose focus on the savings and efficiencies it can bring your company in the future. Think of the overall benefits of updated business software! 

4)  Low Priority

As mentioned earlier, many executives and managers get caught up in their daily tasks and challenges that they don’t have time for such a project and therefore, make it low priority on their list of things to do. What tends to happen is that this project gets postponed for years!

SOLUTION: Once again, it’s important to think of the future and to think of ways to complete those daily tasks quicker and more efficiently, with the right software solution. More time can be had if business processes were more streamlined and integrated.

5)  Small Companies don’t NEED a software system

The phrase I hear pretty often is ‘we’re a small company, we don’t need a software system’. These managers go on to explain how they are perfectly happy with their Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and e-mail. What these executives seem to ignore are ways a software solution, like an eCommerce store, EDI tool or ERP solution, can allow their employees to be more productive, increase sales, communicate more effectively with other departments and business partners, reduce costs and simply allow their company to become more flexible for business growth or changes.

SOLUTION: With the proper software system, businesses can handle tough challenges and respond to them quickly since accurate, real-time data is right at employees’ fingertips for better-informed decision-making. Not only do IT solutions allow companies of ALL sizes to be more efficient, integrated and up-to-date, but it gives them a competitive advantage as well. Small companies will be better equipped to compete with bigger competitors.

So, what’s your excuse?

Happy Halloween to all our readers!