Why Choose A Business Solution From NAMTEK Consulting Services?

(Last Updated On: August 22, 2023)

Why Choose a

Nowadays, many business executives are doing their research to find the best software solutions for their company. This research can take many weeks or months, depending on the size of the company and their IT needs, since there are many different solutions on the market with their own unique specialties and services. This decision isn’t an easy or small one to make, which is why a lot of time and effort is involved in this stage. Questions need to be answered, software demos need to be seen and in some cases, system trials need to be tested.

So, why choose the business solutions or services offered by NAMTEK Consulting Services? We give you a small glimpse into what sets us apart from other Software Service Providers, aside from our high level of expertise and deep knowledge in today’s business technology. Have a look:

  1. High level of expertise and solid knowledge in BUSINESS

This point seems like a must-have in order to be developing solutions for businesses. However, you’d be quite surprised as to how many software development companies out there are full of amazing software developers who unfortunately lack the full understanding of how businesses operate. On top of this, they lack the ability to communicate easily with business people, as they are more likely to speak IT jargon. For us, it’s all about bridging the gap between Business and Technology for the benefit of your company.

  1. Available and Fast Support

We are a small company that takes pride in our level of support that is offered to our customers. Many other software development companies have support teams based out of India or other foreign countries. NAMTEK, on the other hand, offers full support from our office in Laval, Québec, Canada. There’s no wait time or language barrier and you can speak directly with our software developers, so they can help you right on the spot!

  1. Strong Communication between Our Team & the Client

We strongly believe in listening to the customer FIRST before offering any solution. This is what an IT consultation is all about. We can guide you on what your business may be missing in terms of business technology or how we can help improve your business processes with the help of software solutions. If a new system is NOT needed or our solution isn’t the best fit for you, we will share that with you right from the start. We don’t believe in wasting anyone’s time or money especially when it consists of big projects like software implementation. We try to help our clients and partners in identifying their issues, inefficiencies or roadblocks. Once those business problems have been identified, we work together to find a solution; there is no ‘one system fits all’ when it comes to software and business. Little tweaks here and there are usually required. We are able to provide uniquely tailored solutions that are flexible enough to adjust to any industry or business requirement.

  1. Affordable Solutions

Our solutions were developed to meet the needs of large organizations and the budgets of small to medium enterprises. We believe that a company may be small today but can grow to be a large successful enterprise tomorrow. Their system should be able to adapt and grow with the business, no matter what.

  1. Control & Flexibility to Customize solutions to fit your EXACT needs

Many competitors resell software solutions out of the box, where they are left with little or no control to modify the system. In our case, as we have built all our solutions in-house, we have full access to our software systems’ source codes, allowing us to make any changes your business needs. This gives us more flexibility to respond to your needs and to make our solutions a better fit with your company.

  1. We are Passionate about what we do

We love what we do! For our team, it’s about seeing the progress and growth of our customers’ companies with the help of our software solutions. It’s about solving and fixing business problems and inefficiencies. We continuously work towards developing new and better ways to solve business issues through technology so that companies of any size can benefit from the latest solutions to ensure company growth, efficiency and success.

What we have been able to see with our own customers is the following:

  • Increase in efficiency and profitability
  • Reduction in manual work (in turn, reduction in labor costs)
  • Quicker response time to new business or industry changes
  • Ease of integration and exchange of business data with business partners
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Meet challenges of today’s ever-changing business environment
  • Better communication between employees, departments and company locations
  • Better visibility and accuracy of data
  • Much more…


The more improvements we see with our clients, the happier we are and the more we strive to keep developing and offering the best business solutions.