(Last Updated On: December 13, 2022)

User Training is a term business executives hear quite often when they are in the process of implementing a new software system, however, more often than not, many choose to opt-out of receiving this training for their staff.

As it is an added expense and many people nowadays are tech-savvy, business managers decide their employees can learn how to use the new system on their own. Unfortunately, this way of thinking can cause more problems during and after the implementation process.

Implement a New IT System

Implementing a new system at a company is a big change for many employees. Many times a new or upgraded solution will include new sections, tools, buttons, and improved processes that will allow businesses to be more productive in the long run and reduce human errors.

However, because of all these changes and new processes, it is quite unlikely all users (employees) will be on the same page when learning the new system on their own, which can prevent the company from seeing all the efficiencies the IT provider promised with the upgraded system. This is usually the moment where executives blame the software system and /or provider for not performing as originally planned. What many seem to forget is that software solutions can only show all of its benefits if used properly.

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Employee Training is Worth the Investment

Therefore, investing in training will allow businesses to see the benefits that come with the implementation of a new IT system. Training before the system officially goes live at the company will give employees a chance to acclimate to any new processes and work out any problems with the system before it is implemented. This will also help with any resistance coming from employees who are hesitant about change.

Teaching employees from the company’s various departments how to use the new system the way it was meant to be used will eliminate any doubts, misunderstandings, unnecessary errors, and problems.

In conclusion, user training can truly help with the implementation of a new system at a company and ensure maximum efficiency right from the start.

The IT provider can train users on their software system in a few hours and can always provide support after implementation if employees have any questions at a later date.


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