panic and fear_software upgradesWe’ve seen many companies go through software transformations. Either they are upgrading their current system or implementing an entirely new and improved solution. Either way, when employees hear that their current system is changing, they panic, before they even get a chance to see or try the new system. Unfortunately, this happens all too often and can cause implementation projects to take longer than originally planned. The users are of course an important and necessary part to any software implementation process. Without their open-mindedness and willingness to learn the new system, this project can either fail or be a major headache for everyone involved.

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Fotolia_38212047_XSI’m sure we’ve all wondered how nice it would be to work from home. No trudging to work in cramped spaces on public transit or in blizzards or being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. In recent years however, this dream has quickly become a reality.

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Today’s erpWizard guide is all about the GL Module. As it is an extensive module in our fully integrated ERP software solution, it has been broken down into four parts. Today’s article features the first section where I will go on to explain how to setup your GL Periods, GL Accounts and Company Departments.

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When an executive is faced with the decision to either change their existing business system or adopt their first solution, in the case of a start-up, there are many questions that surface. The main ones however are of course, ‘What type of business management system should I adopt for my company?’ ‘What is the right system to run my business: is it an off-the-shelf packaged application or a fully integrated software solution?’ Read more

In this article, I would like to address the issue of implementing a new business software solution within a small and mid-size enterprise. This is an important topic and concern raised by executives and owners of SMEs, who are thinking of upgrading or converting their existing software systems. We see this quite often as there are always changes in industry regulations and business partners’ requirements as well as businesses looking to improve their processes and rules.

integrationAs many executives have gone through long and painful software systems’ implementations in the past, I understand that their questions and concerns are quite valid. This is why I would like to shed some light on approaches and tips to consider when making a decision, in order to avoid the complexities and high expenses that come with a migration to a new software program (or ERP) to run the enterprise. Read more