Disaster RecoveryTraditionally, Small Business and Business Continuity do not go in the same sentence. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans and solutions were typically designed and offered to larger enterprises. These solutions were simply out of reach for the smaller players. However, just like many other software systems on the market, we are seeing big changes in accessibility and affordability due to the emergence of the cloud and new technologies. Read more

Ever wonder how exactly your Business Continuity solution will work if your system goes down or if there is a fire or flood in your building and destroys all your company’s IT infrastructure. We give you a brief overview of how it works and how you can be up and running in no time with QBR (Quick Backup Recovery). For more information, visit our QBR website. Read more

Today’s infographic provides brief descriptions of the many parts of a complete Business Continuity Plan. It’s time you protect your business from downtime BEFORE a disaster occurs.

DecodingBusinessContinuityWe know that Business Continuity solutions are relatively new for many business people. Traditional methods to data backup and restore have been tapes and drives. These are now being replaced with software solutions that can perform on-site backups through virtualization as well as off-site backups to the ‘cloud’, without any manual intervention. On top of this, restoration can take hours rather than days.

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Quick Backup Recovery, also known as QBR, is the latest in the Business Continuity world. Before this solution, businesses were using traditional data backup and restore, which normally consisted of tape drives and storage devices. Unfortunately, there are many problems that businesses can encounter with these traditional methods

white-board-593300_640A business should always be prepared for an emergency or unexpected disruption. It’s about being proactive and not taking any chances when it comes to the survival of your business. A Business Continuity plan will allow you to allocate the necessary financial and human resources it takes to keep a business running in case of a disaster. This will ensure your customers are being served and demands are being met even if an unexpected event occurs at the office. Read more

Fotolia_45263307_XSNorth American winters are known to be a difficult few months. Canadians are constantly being snowed in or rained on; they are used to experiencing power outages at home or at the office; they know that slipping and sliding on ice and freezing in -30ºC are part of Canadian winters. These are typical days here in Canada and many parts of the States. Knowing all of this, companies must prepare themselves for the worst. Read more

Have you encountered a major disaster at your company? Or do you know anyone that has?


Many of us believe that our business is different and that it won’t encounter a disaster. This mentality can cause a lot more problems if one day a disaster does strike. It is crucial to be well prepared, just in case of emergency, instead of trying to plan AFTER a disaster strikes, which will be too late.

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This week, from June 15 to 18, the World Disaster Management Conference was held in Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. Unfortunately, ever since 2009, there has been a drastic decline in attendance partly due to training and conference budget cuts. According to a great article in Ottawa’s Metro News (2014), prior to this conference, organizers conducted a survey to see if this budget cut had any effect on the conference participants and community. What they found however went beyond what they imagined.

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Unfortunately, many organizations today still do not have a solid plan of action and backup solution in place in case of disaster. Natural disasters and hardware malfunctions occur more often than we think and can have devastating consequences on the organization, such as data loss, business interruption, loss of revenues, etc. Many executives don’t ever believe something like that can ever happen to their business, until it’s too late.

I have written many articles on this topic and have gone on to explain the benefits of implementing a Business Continuity plan. Don’t hesitate to take a look at these for more information on how to secure your data.

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