Decision Time: Choosing an ERP Solution

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2023)

There comes a time when you realize your business needs more in terms of software. Perhaps so far your team has been using many separate smaller software systems for each different department; one system for Accounting, one for Sales (CRM), etc. However, as the company begins to grow, it’s time to implement one integrated system for the entire company. In that case, employees will be able to communicate with each other and work with the same real-time data. Business processes will be streamlined and many tasks will be automated.

There are of course tons of ERP systems out on the market – some better known than others; some more affordable than others; some user-friendlier than others. This kind of decision can take time, as it requires a lot of research, demo viewing, price comparisons, etc. However, after the research is done and you have a list of ERP systems, how do you choose the best one for YOUR company?

Many times, executives solely base it on the price. This can backfire in the future. Of course, the cost is important, as it needs to fit within your budget. However, it should not be the sole deciding factor. What’s important is to look at: Skills of the IT Service Provider, Speed of the system, implementation process and support response time, as well as overall Business Results (Real Value Gained). You are looking to implement a “Business” technology; one that will help increase revenues and allow your company to realize business benefits by having more time to focus on your customers. Examples of Business Results include:

  • ROI
  • Increase in sales
  • Streamlined workforce management
  • Reduced procurement lead times

Your decision should take into account the goals of the IT Service Provider as well. The Provider should be focusing on improving your specific business processes rather than simply pushing their technology. This is exactly what our team does.

Running your business on erpWizard, the ERP system developed by a team of specialized IT developers and brilliant business minds, will truly bring together “business” and “technology” in order to strategically improve your business processes and gain real value out of an IT system. Here are some reasons why erpWizard can be right for your business:

Why erpWizard?

Before making any kind of decision, talk to our IT consultants about your business needs.