With our knowledgeable team of IT and business consultants, we help companies increase efficiency and streamline processes.


Using the latest technologies, our suite of Software Solutions are perfect to help grow your Small to Medium Enterprise.

Our Expertise

We offer various software solutions to businesses of all sizes, in order to enhance and streamline their processes and increase overall efficiency.

Why Namtek Consulting Services?

Namtek Consulting Services has been helping Small and Medium Enterprises with their IT needs for over 20 years.

The company’s main objective is to help SMEs improve and streamline their management processes by leveraging the latest business technologies at affordable prices.

Since the beginning, it’s been about offering efficiency, flexibility, availability and affordability when it came to IT services and systems in order to solve business and technology-related challenges.

  • Affordable & Efficient Software Solutions

    We offer easy-to-use software systems, as well as training and support for users.

  • Determined, Attentive, and Flexible Team

    Our team has an outstanding business and technology knowledge balance and a strong focus on process improvement.

  • Technology Expertise

    We are highly skilled in software development, customization, EDI, analytics & more.

  • High-Tech SaaS and Cloud offerings

    Through our SaaS-based solutions and managed cloud services, our customers can host their software solutions in our private cloud, saving them hardware costs and costly implementations.

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What others say about us

Namtek has always come through with the best solutions with impressive speed and accuracy… Their software solutions have saved us tremendous time and effort.

I had the pleasure of recently working with Namtek Consulting Services. [They] established our EDI platform with its EDI2XML Translation Services. Their team was very cooperative and knowledgeable.

Although QBR is a change of mentality in terms of making backup copies, we were quickly seduced by the advantages. It has brought more security to our company by eliminating the human risk factor involved with traditional backup and providing us with a Business Continuity plan in case of disaster.

We had a very pleasant and professional business relationship with the Namtek team. The level of organization, fairness & detail they brought to the project was critical to a smooth and successful integration process.