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Nowadays, many business executives are doing their research to find the best software solutions for their company. This research can take many weeks or months, depending on the size of the company and their IT needs, since there are many different solutions on the market with their own unique specialties and services. This decision isn’t an easy or small one to make, which is why a lot of time and effort is involved in this stage. Questions need to be answered, software demos need to be seen and in some cases, system trials need to be tested.

So, why choose the business solutions or services offered by NAMTEK Consulting Services? Read more

Upgrading your WebsiteWhile browsing online, it’s common to find many outdated company websites. When asked if these business owners plan to update their sites, they are quick to say no, without fully understanding the negative impact a dated website has on a business. It’s no secret that most consumers search for brands and products online before buying or visiting stores in-person.

Consumers are quick to judge a business, especially if they do not know the brand, by the state of its website. Don’t let an outdated, unattractive website be their first impression of your business. Read more

Risks involved with Outdated SystemsEver wonder why your business can’t seem to grow or why your employees can’t seem to find the time to complete all their tasks before deadline? It may be time to reassess your outdated IT infrastructure and management system to find ways to improve your business processes and increase productivity. It’s common for many small to mid-size businesses to delay upgrades or replacements of IT systems due to budget cuts, economic pressures, other priorities, lack of time, etc. We are aware it does require a lot of effort from everyone on board and a budget that will need to be set aside for such a project, however by retaining your outdated systems can cause more harm than good. Read more

white-board-593300_640A business should always be prepared for an emergency or unexpected disruption. It’s about being proactive and not taking any chances when it comes to the survival of your business. A Business Continuity plan will allow you to allocate the necessary financial and human resources it takes to keep a business running in case of a disaster. This will ensure your customers are being served and demands are being met even if an unexpected event occurs at the office. Read more

ready for ERP blogThere are many steps involved in an ERP implementation at a company. However, first and foremost it’s important for the management team to decide if their company is even ready for such a large project to undertake. Most business people seem to only believe that it requires a lot of financial resources and the rest is up to the IT team; this is false. Nowadays, Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing has allowed ERP implementations to be done at an affordable cost. What these managers don’t realize is that an IT project like this requires enough resources, financial and personnel, and capabilities to successfully complete an ERP implementation. Read more

mobile customersMobile consumers are without a doubt quickly becoming a dominant force in many industries. These consumers are browsing, buying, interacting, and visiting different websites via their smartphones or tablets. This is why businesses as of late are trying to keep up and offer mobile sites and apps to accommodate to this growing mobile consumer market. By giving them the choice and convenience they are expecting, your business will be able to keep up with this mobile trend, which will eventually allow you to target a larger consumer market and increase sales and customers. Read more

An ERP Implementation phase is typically the time period in which mistakes happen and panic and fear begin to creep up amongst business executives and employees. Often times, we hear nightmarish stories about IT implementations; either because the implementation went over-budget, above and beyond the expected timeframe or it was too complex and quickly resisted by the company employees.

In today’s article, we will share 4 mistakes that should be avoided in order to have a successful ERP implementation. Read more

outsource ITToday, due to the emergence of the ‘Cloud’, remote working, changing IT environments, etc., contracted IT Service Providers have been slowly replacing the need for an in-house IT department. Many business executives face the dilemma of either keeping (or hiring) an in-house IT team or outsourcing IT professionals. Of course this question depends on your IT and business needs and you would need to sit down with an IT consultant prior to making any final decision. However, below are a few signals to look for when trying to make this decision, as mentioned in IT World Canada. Read more

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Be Prepared for Company GrowthIt’s always difficult to know what your business needs in terms of IT software without having seen or tested other systems. On top of this, we are all creatures of habit; once we get used to working a certain way, we do not question it, as it becomes second nature. However, this can be detrimental to a business. Only once a company begins to experience growth, expansion or a rapid sales increase, do they realize there is too much inefficiency that can prevent them from growing. More often than not, it is those companies that have not upgraded or changed their legacy system in years, or have no system at all, that will be affected the most. Read more