Are you unsure about ‘cloud computing’? Have you been told that sending your sensitive data to the “cloud” is not safe? We’ll give you the facts about the “cloud”, Data Centers and Cloud Service Providers.

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Happy Friday!

Today’s short infographic talks about downtime during a disaster and how to eliminate data loss and downtime costs with a secure Business Continuity. QBR solution uses the latest technology to ensure maximum security of a company’s data along with easy an recovery process in case of emergency.

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Topic of the day is Remote Working

As we’ve mentioned in many of our previous blogs, the emergence of enterprise mobility and cloud computing in the workplace has allowed employees to work easily and securely from home. In the infographic below, created by Connect Solutions, a study shows how working remotely has many benefits, including better health, productivity and attitude as well as increased annual savings.

Take a look!

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Here is our very own infographic on EDI communication and our powerful EDI translation solution called EDI2XML.

Learn all you can about what EDI Communication is and the benefits of implementing a simple conversion tool (EDI format to XML, and vice versa) that is affordable for businesses of all sizes. EDI2XML is not only offered “on premises” but also in the cloud “as a Service”. It is simple to use and can be fully integrated into your business management software, to enhance efficiency and reduce manual efforts and errors. Check out our previous blog about ‘Why businesses should use EDI‘.



More and more small businesses are moving to the cloud and IT companies are offering more services and solutions in the cloud. This trend of cloud computing adoption is rapidly accelerating, transforming the way businesses manage their IT operations.

Why are businesses and IT service providers moving away from “on-premises”? The answer to this question is clear: cloud computing offers multiple benefits for all parties involved, regardless of the size of the company.

Small businesses, in particular, can now compete with industry giants as traditional barriers are broken down with cloud technology. Using fully integrated “cloud” solutions, such as erpWizard, allows small businesses to get ahead by ensuring rapid and efficient growth. The benefits of cloud computing include increased efficiency, significant cost reduction, predictable and affordable monthly payments, remote access, quick and easy software setup, secure business continuity, and flexible mobile solutions.

However, to take full advantage of these benefits, it is essential to choose the right IT provider. A reliable and experienced cloud computing partner is essential to ensure a perfect customer experience. Choosing a competent provider ensures that your data and applications are managed securely and reliably, allowing you to focus on growing and developing your business.

To learn more about why ‘the cloud’ is a big opportunity for small businesses, you can check out the image below from Rackspace titled “Why ‘Cloud’ is a big deal for small businesses.” It provides additional information on the specific benefits of cloud computing for small businesses.


Thinking of moving to the ‘cloud’? Our team of IT professionals are here to help! Get in touch now for a free consultation.


Someone once asked me what ‘Enterprise Mobility’ is.
My response was the following: ‘It’s obvious there has been a shift in business practices; more people prefer to use their mobile devices, such as their smartphone or tablet, to conduct daily tasks. What Enterprise Mobility offers is just that; employees can access their company’s management solution from their mobile device in order to do business from anywhere, at any time. It allows employees to be more productive all the while giving them more freedom.’
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Screen_Shot_2014-01-03_at_11.34.51_AMBusiness executives normally don’t think twice about their backup system – it is something that has been part of the regularroutine of many businesses for quite some time now. Traditional backup software is typically a software program that works along with a media, like a backup tape or an external hard drive. However, nowadays, backup solutions have been upgraded as many IT providers have witnessed businesses go through disasters where they either lost all their data due to tape malfunction or had a slow recovery process where downtime costs were extremely high. Therefore, something needed to be done to ensure these dangers were eliminated.

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Millennials are quite unique in their buying behavior and in the way they acquire information. It’s important for businesses to understand this group of 18-34 year old (Gen Y) in order to know to how reach them.

Below is a great infographic from IDG Research Services on how to engage tech-site visitors (Daily Infographic, 2014)

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It’s obvious that the way consumers nowadays engage with businesses has changed. According to Harvard Professor Shoshana Zuboff, “every century or so, fundamental changes in the nature of consumption create new demand patterns that existing companies can’t meet unless they applied imagination to see beyond what they’re selling today” (Forbes, 2014).

Companies need to be aware that consumers are always connected, very opinionated, value conscious and they seek authenticity and require immediacy. These factors will change the way businesses attract new customers. Below is an infographic from Forbes about Mike, your typical customer in 2015.

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We’ve found another great infographic for our wonderful readers!
2014 is a good year for big changes in SMEs. Entrepreneurs are planning on kicking out their old legacy systems and implementing cloud-based applications, using social media and email marketing to reach more customers, offering flexible work policies and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

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