Millennial WorkforceCan one generation truly make such a big difference in the business world? Absolutely!

Millennials are quickly becoming the largest generation in the workforce. According to Dan Schawbel (Forbes, 2013)3, “by 2025, Millennials will account for 75% of the global workforce”. Compared to the Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers, Millennials go into the workforce with different work and culture expectations. They expect transparency, collaboration, a great company culture and tech innovations. Read more

Business Tools: ERP, Business Intelligence, Business Continuity, eCommerceIt’s hard to ignore all these new tools and apps on the market used for personal or business use. Take a look at Slack, a great communications platform for office use, or Hubspot, for marketing automation and CRM, or even Hootsuite, for social media automation. All of these tools have grown exponentially over the last few years in the business world. There are many more game-changing business trends ahead and today’s list is built on ‘integration’, ‘automation’, ‘visualization’, ‘SaaS’, and ‘disaster recovery’. These trends are nothing new; they are simply making their way to the smaller players. Large enterprises have had their fun with their tools and apps over the years; it’s time the smaller businesses have some fun as well. I’ll focus on the top 4 game-changing tools that will be used by small and medium businesses in the coming year and how these tools will change processes and performance for the better. Here we go; Read more

Comparing Software Vendor Quotes for ERP SolutionWhen on the market for a new ERP software solution, small business executives tend to get confused and overwhelmed with the many quotations they receive after viewing tons of system demos.

Doing the proper research is key to finding the right ERP system that matches your business needs and requirements. However, reading the many vendor quotes can be daunting. When it comes to an ERP implementation, there are many phases and each phase comes with its own services and pricing. Read more

customizationIt’s quite common for businesses to implement an ERP system that has been tweaked for their company. In other words, customization of ERP systems is normal. However, is it the best thing to do for your solution as well as for your business? Read more

ERP_SolutionWhat exactly is ERP and why is it so valuable?

ERP Definition = ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is a fully integrated software suite. It allows users to view, manage and track core business processes and resources using one single database, all in real-time. Read more

speakers-414562_640One of the biggest challenges a company faces during an IT implementation project is having all employees (aka users of the new system) accept that change is coming. Many employees get used to doing specific tasks the same way each time. At a certain point in time, these tasks become habit. The implementation of a new software system, like an ERP solution, basically forces these employees to break their habits by completing their tasks and projects a different way, albeit more efficiently. Read more

Better decision-making with an ERP solutionMany business people are unaware of the difference an integrated ERP system can do for their business processes, employee productivity and cost savings. It’s understandable since a few years ago, these systems were costing enterprises hundreds of thousands of dollars and were only used at large corporations. At that point, SME executives decided to use many separate out-of-the-box systems for different functions or departments. Unknowingly, this way of doing business isn’t the most efficient. At first it may seem like it’s less expensive but in the long run, it will cost your company way more in errors, inefficiencies, manual data entry, lack of easy data access and lack of reporting, etc. This makes it very difficult to stay ahead of the game, outperform your competitors and provide excellent customer service. Read more

Team of a colleagues working on business plans togetherWe all know that ‘change’ can be hard. However, change can also be a great thing. It may be difficult at first but in the end it can prove to be the best thing for you, or your company. Therefore, convincing your boss to implement a new ERP software system can be quite difficult, as this would mean a big change for the whole company. However, if you strongly feel that major improvements would come from this change then you should definitely do all you can to talk to your boss and show him or her the list of benefits associated with an upgraded solution. Here are some key points to mention: Read more

This post was updated to reflect current trends and information

erp_Not long ago, most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions were too costly for small and medium sized businesses. Only the larger corporations were able to afford the high initial investments associated to these systems. This problem caused many SMEs to either adopt more affordable systems for the different aspects of their business or simply use Excel spreadsheets, etc. These outdated methods slow companies down and prevent them from expanding and growing properly and efficiently. ERP systems are designed to streamline and automate all aspects of a business, which in turn increases ROI considerably. Read more