EDI_eCommerceCompanies are relying more and more on technologies and for good reason. The power of software automation and integration can enhance a company’s overall efficiency and improve B2B and B2C relationships. One such example comes with the integration of EDI and eCommerce Read more

eCommerceI know, I know – we are only in July, so why are we mentioning the upcoming winter Holiday Season already? Well, if you want to implement an eCommerce Store in order start selling online by winter you definitely should start planning, desigining, implementing and marketing the eStore NOW. Read more

Upgrading your WebsiteWhile browsing online, it’s common to find many outdated company websites. When asked if these business owners plan to update their sites, they are quick to say no, without fully understanding the negative impact a dated website has on a business. It’s no secret that most consumers search for brands and products online before buying or visiting stores in-person.

Consumers are quick to judge a business, especially if they do not know the brand, by the state of its website. Don’t let an outdated, unattractive website be their first impression of your business. Read more

"Sorry we're closed" Recently, all we keep hearing about are the bankruptcies of reputable, well-established retail businesses and the closing of brick and mortar stores. The most recent examples include Mexx Canada, Boutique Jacob, SmartSet and many others. Most of these big-name companies seemed to have struggled to keep up with the changing retail environment causing them to fall way behind. Read more

Website Creation2015 has arrived. In the last few years, we were lucky enough to witness tons of technological advancements. It will be exciting to see what IT developers around the world and here at Namtek Consulting Services have in store for us this year.

However, even with so many software improvements that continuously take place in the business world, it’s scary to see way too many companies without the proper software solutions or even an online presence. In this day and age, this shouldn’t be the case, as all kinds of business IT solutions, like ERP systems, EDI tools, Warehouse Management solutions, are now affordable for small businesses. Even building a company website or an eCommerce Store are affordable!

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Fotolia_72682219_XSAre you a business without a company website? If so, today’s article is just for you! Small to mid-size businesses believe that hiring a web agency to create a website for their company is way too expensive and not within their budget. I’m happy to inform you that this isn’t always the case. It’s all about finding the right company to handle your web creation projects, be it for a company site, eCommerce Store or a blogging platform.

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onlineIt’s unfortunate that in 2014 many businesses are missing out on business due to their lack of an online presence. They either don’t have a company website, no social media accounts, no eCommerce store, no blogging site; nothing that visitors can get information about the business. Nowadays, going online before buying products, visiting a restaurant or going to a store is quite common for many consumers. Read more

By now, most of us know what eCommerce is, as we’ve all either bought something online or searched on a company’s e-Store for our favorite products or services. However, not many business executives truly realize its value. Read more

The Apparel Industry in North America is quite large, with the market’s revenues reaching over $3,000 billion in 2011, as can be seen in today’s infographic from BlueLink entitled ‘The North American Apparel Industry’ (see below).

Since the management of inventory is a huge part of any apparel business, they need to do it right. An efficient, mobile inventory software system is needed to properly track inventory and manage warehouses in the best way possible.

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In this day and age, the concept of owning an eCommerce Store is at the back of many business owners’ mind. Should I implement an eStore? Is it worth it? Will it attract new customers for my business? All of these are valid thoughts and concerns before diving into a new business project. However, it’s best to do your research before writing this online store off right away.

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