Executives and owners of small and mid-size businesses have been faced with many challenges and changes in 2013, putting a lot more pressure on them to reach their goals and objectives in this difficult economic time. As an IT consultant and developer, I have learned a lot and seen what numerous businesses have been through this last year. This article was written to share with you credible information about the trends of 2014 as well as the solutions for growth and success for the future.

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“Canadians are online, but Canadian businesses aren’t there. The result is Canadian consumers are buying online from the U.S. and other countries”

Anita Bezeau, Assistant VP, Information & Communication Technology Solutions at the BDC

Nowadays, consumers are not only shopping in malls and stores. Many of them shop or even just browse online, from their home computers, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones. However, as online shopping is gaining popularity, Canadian businesses are falling behind.

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Tips to Simplify your Business

recommended by Pierre Namroud, CEO of NAMTEK Consulting Services

Tip #1 Select a fully integrated software system to run your business

When selecting to set-up a new software solution, whether it be in accounting, sales, purchases, EDI, inventory management, Business Intelligence, or simply deciding to upgrade your existing one, remember that the best option would be to have a single fully integrated software platform to run your business. Read more

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Why do Fashion & Apparel Companies need an Integrated Software Solution?Bringing together all the facets of your business into one seamless whole is of great benefit to virtually any company; among other endowments, it eliminates the waste that often transpires from one phase or function to the next – especially in manufacturing verticals. In particular, integrated software solutions and fashion is a tandem that performs especially well together; because of the erpwizard modules that implement and oversee so many aspects endemic to apparel, footwear and general fashion:

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This post was updated to reflect current trends and information.

Increase company’s sales with an eCommerce business software

In general, anything that streamlines the way in which you interact with your business will manifest greater financial gains, as well as more satisfaction from ease of use. Keeping tabs on disparate parts is an inherently inefficient process, which is prone to problems arising from incompatible software to tech-related breakdowns and time wasted.

Top 3 reasons to choose integrated ecommerce business software

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