4 Tips To Simplify Your Business & Leverage Software In The Cloud

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2022)

Tips to Simplify your Business

recommended by Pierre Namroud, CEO of NAMTEK Consulting Services

Tip #1 Select a fully integrated software system to run your business

When selecting to set-up a new software solution, whether it be in accounting, sales, purchases, EDI, inventory management, Business Intelligence, or simply deciding to upgrade your existing one, remember that the best option would be to have a single fully integrated software platform to run your business.

I have seen too many cases where mini-systems, based on spreadsheets, were being heavily developed and used in and around the main application. This was done because the features and tools needed to run the business were not supported by the main platform, causing inefficiencies.
When running a single integrated solution, companies gain in terms of productivity, efficiency and reduce their human errors.
Therefore, part of my belief in keeping things simple, we have built and offer this kind of integrated solution, with all the necessary business modules, that has been designed to meet the needs and budgets of SMEs.

Tip #2 Build an eCommerce presence

Small companies need to work towards building their eCommerce presence as an add-on vehicle to generate revenue.

By 2019, financial and business analysts estimate that Canadians will be spending about $39 billion dollars online. This is almost double what was spent in 2016.

The industry is expected to grow at an extraordinary rate within the next few years. This makes the present an excellent time to jump into online retail.

It is clear that SMEs are behind in terms of electronic presence for their business. It is very important to know that today the possibility to have an eCommerce store is available for SMEs. We offer an affordable eStore that is also fully integrated with the main business platform.
Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an eCommerce store open 24/7 and have online orders being entered and processed from within the same integrated system, without any manual intervention? This would indeed simplify your business process.

Tip #3 Reduce your risks of investment in IT

There are two important points I want you to consider:

Tips to Simplify your Business_namtek_risk_image

  1. Adopt the Software as a Service model (SaaS)

From time to time, I meet with business owners that are either unaware or are hesitant to adopt the “Software as a Service”, or SaaS, solutions for their business. SaaS is a model where the company pays for the software licenses “per user” either monthly or yearly, while the deployment could be in the “cloud” or “on premises”. This model eliminates the upfront investment of a software solution and converts the IT expenditure to an expense rather than to a depreciating asset. This option is truly an amazing concept for SMEs, since it is more affordable and much more flexible.

  1. Adopt a “Cloud-Based Solution”

The concept of “cloud” is fairly new. It has evolved to offer stronger security and higher availability. “Cloud” systems are running on powerful and secured shared computing environments. Today, it has become very popular, since mobile devices and files storage services, such as Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox, etc., all use cloud-based infrastructure to access and store data.

Business applications are not any different. They have also evolved in the same direction; they can be deployed and accessed from anywhere at any moment, where the data is stored in the cloud.
SMEs should not be afraid to adopt Cloud-based Software Solutions that are fully integrated to simplify their processes.

Tip #4 Mobilize your enterprise

Tips to Simplify your Business mobile

The evolution of communication and mobile platforms increased in the past few years. Therefore, the business community should take advantage of this progress.

Certainly, tablets and mobile devices can’t replace computers in a workplace, at least for now. However, there are specific pre-defined areas in every business where mobility can add value in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Whether it is to empower:
  1. Warehouse management in a real-time
  2. The sales force on the road
  3. Keeping executives up to date while on the go
Enterprise Mobility becomes essential to the operations of an SME in an evolving business reality.
We have built a strong expertise in all of these fields to be able to offer the most advanced technologies and keep up with the latest IT trends for our clients. On top of it all, we ensure affordable solutions for small and medium-size enterprises. Every business today should be well equipped with quick, efficient, user-friendly, affordable and simple software solutions.
Need help simplifying your business? Don’t wait any longer to contact us about our products and services!