Integrated eCommerce Business Software: What are YOU waiting for?

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2023)

“Canadians are online, but Canadian businesses aren’t there. The result is Canadian consumers are buying online from the U.S. and other countries”

Anita Bezeau, Assistant VP, Information & Communication Technology Solutions at the BDC

Nowadays, consumers are not only shopping in malls and stores. Many of them shop or even just browse online, from their home computers, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones. However, as online shopping is gaining popularity, Canadian businesses are falling behind.

Here are some surprising 2013 statistics:

  • “During this holiday season, the retail sector is on track to rake in 61.8 billion USD in ecommerce sales – 15% increase over 2012. Retail ecommerce sales are expected to hit 262.2 billion USD for the year, an increase of 16.4% from 2012” (eMarketer, 2013).
  • “E-commerce is revolutionizing the way Canadians do business, but Canadian entrepreneurs are missing out. Just 10% of small businesses were selling online last year, according to Statistics Canada. Meanwhile, Canadian consumers spent an estimated $21 billion on online purchases last year, up nearly 30% in just two years, according to research firm eMarketer” (BDC, 2013).

Therefore, what are businesses waiting for? This blog will shed some light on an affordable and integrated ecommerce store for SMEs.

Advantages of Namtek’s eCommerce store

ecommerce1Two major advantages of having an eCommerce store is that it increases a company’s sales and gives a business greater exposure to the online consumer’s market. However, it is best to go one step further; implementing an eCommerce store that is integrated with a Business software solution. Namtek Consulting Services’ eCommerce store is an add-on module to our business solution, erpwizard, designed from the ground up specifically for small to medium-size enterprises. It allows for better online sales management by offering simple payment options, like PayPal, Moneris, etc., the viewing of full product catalogs as well as simple and easy access to customer accounts.

Integrated eCommerce Business Solution

erpwizard is a powerful software solution, developed to automate many of the time-intensive business processes. Adding the eCommerce store to this software can truly enhance the online buying process for not only your customers, but even more so for your business and employees.

This online store greatly facilitates the tracking and procurement of web-based product orders. No manual entries or intervention is needed if added on to the erpwizard suite, since as soon as an order is made online all the necessary information will be automatically stored in the erpwizard database.

Here are a few other key aspects to note:

#1- eCommerce store is fully controlled from within erpwizard

erpwizard is a fully integrated suite, therefore the eCommerce store add-on can be fully controlled from within the core erpwizard program. No more worrying about compatibility issues with this easy to use solution. The best part is that all transactions happen on a real-time basis. For example, any transaction initiated by the customer through the eCommerce store, such as an online order, is directly made available to business users within the company. Same goes for any and all transactions initiated by a company’s employee that is related to a customer, such as an invoice, are visible and available through the eCommerce store without any extra efforts or automated processing.

#2- Quick deployment

The time it takes to deploy our Ecommerce store is very fast. Any business can be up and running within a matter of days, considering you have the proper data sets, ready in pre-defined Excel/CSV formats. Also, implementing the Ecommerce store of erpwizard means setting up the remaining component of the complete suite, with no additional efforts or expenses. This online store allows for more time to focus on managing your business and less time on unnecessary IT issues.

#3- Easy to use and maintain


ecommerce2As mentioned earlier, the eCommerce store was designed for SMEs to gain visibility to online users and increase sales. On top of it all, it is simple and easy to use for Internet users (ie prospects) as well as for your company’s employees. This eStore brings your products to the masses and records all electronic orders seamlessly into your database.

#4- Offered under the SAAS model

We offer our eCommerce store as SAAS, having “cloud” or “on premises” deployment options. These options allow small and medium size businesses to operate efficiently and compete with their larger competitors at an affordable price.

In conclusion, our eCommerce store’s affordability, quick deployment, simplicity and its compatibility with our fully integrated Business software solution, erpwizard, allows business leaders to better manage their online sales with little effort and no hassles.

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