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What It Takes To Build A Website For Your Business

Are you a business without a company website? If so, today’s article is just for you! Small to mid-size businesses believe that hiring a web agency to create a website for their company is way too expensive and not within their budget. I’m happy to inform you that this isn’t always the case. It’s all […]

Business Continuity Solution: Can a Business Afford Downtime?

Have you encountered a major disaster at your company? Or do you know anyone that has? Many of us believe that our business is different and that it won’t encounter a disaster. This mentality can cause a lot more problems if one day a disaster does strike. It is crucial to be well prepared, just […]

All About EDI [FUN Friday Infographic]

Here is our very own infographic on EDI communication and our powerful EDI translation solution called EDI2XML. Learn all you can about what EDI Communication is and the benefits of implementing a simple conversion tool (EDI format to XML, and vice versa) that is affordable for businesses of all sizes. EDI2XML is not only offered […]

Data Backup – BDR – Business Continuity; Setting It All Straight

I often find myself writing or speaking about Business Continuity as many do not know or fully understand the concept. When I bring up this topic, many business executives assume it is simply another “backup” solution, in which they then tell me they already have one. However, our QBR Business Continuity Solution is not just […]

Does Inventory Affect a Business’ Bottom Line?

Does Inventory Affect a Business’ Bottom Line? Inventory is a huge part of any business. If not managed efficiently, it can have distressing consequences on a company’s bottom line. Profit can be increased simply with the right inventory management solution, eliminating common mistakes many executives don’t think twice about, such as inaccurate inventory tracking, excessive […]

Top 3 Tips in Preventing Financial Impact of Business Downtime

Disasters, either natural, man-made or technological, happen whether we want them to or not. We all have lived through at least one disaster situation in the past 10 years, either in our workplace or at home. Who doesn’t remember the terrible Hurricanes that attacked parts of the U.S., like Sandy, Rita, Katrina or Ivan, and […]