Management software for small company: leave fully equipped!

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2023)

Management software

The small business generally lacks efficient management software.

One of the reasons for this is due to the high cost of solutions out on the IT market. Company leaders not only have to think of the software’s purchasing cost but also of its high fees associated with its installation, training and technical support.

Even if a company has the financial means to acquire one of these systems, they may be facing other problems. Their software solution may not have all the desired features that the company needs and wants, which make it inefficient and laborious. This in turn wastes staff time and efforts, where it eventually leads to more money wasted.

Therefore, small companies that test out the software systems on the market may need to abandon them due to the wrong fit between the business and the standard system features.

If the company leaders want to go in another direction and develop their own software solution then this is a possibility. They have the potential to build a powerful management software, tailored to their business needs. A major problem associated with this option is the fact that this becomes extremely costly with its expensive development costs, high maintenance and update fees. This method would put a strain on the IT budget of any small business.

Given all of these expensive choices, many small business managers prefer to stick to the ‘apparently’ simpler and less costly methods, such as Excel files. However, if a company wants to strive for excellence and ensure profitability and efficiency, this is the wrong way to go. Using Excel spreadsheets to collect and process data does not allow multiple people to work simultaneously on the same document and data is very difficult and time consuming to find, process and synthesize. Therefore, this less advanced option may be cheaper, but it is surely more inefficient.

Small companies need to turn to the right management software in order to gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

The Solution for Small Businesses: ERP system


What a small business team needs is a management software that would give them the ability to perform all tasks with one fully integrated solution rather than a multitude of separate systems. This sophisticated integrated system is called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and it is gaining popularity in the business world.

The following list explain the reasons why business leaders believe in ERP solutions:

    • ERP is one software system that handles all business functions, which greatly simplifies business processes
    • This management software includes accounting, products & services, purchases, sales, distribution, inventory, forecasting, supply, EDI, e-commerce, etc.
    • A special Business Intelligence feature, will grant its users access to sophisticated analysis to help make the right decisions
    • Small businesses can finally automate tasks, reducing staff work time and efforts
    • Processing reports, documents and business data will now be automatic, simple and quick.

An ERP system that stands out

All in all, an ERP system is the way to go for any small business. However, as we have mentioned above, the solutions on the market today are expensive.
Our business savvy team developed “erpwizard”, a top-quality fully integrated ERP solution, that is affordable by any small business.
Erpwizard can be deployed “on-premises”, if your business has the staff and resources to maintain it, or “on the cloud”, where your data is securely hosted on a private server in a certified data center. Cloud deployment allows you to access your information anytime, anywhere and without any long-term commitment or costs associated to the purchasing of equipment, licensing and IT staff on premises.

Our ERP system offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), entails a small deployment cost as well as a monthly subscriber fee charged as pay-per-use.

In conclusion, standing out in this ever-changing, competitive business world has just been made a little easier with erpwizard. It gives you all the necessary tools that will leave your staff with a lot of extra time by the end of their day.