A Message to Startups & Small Businesses: ERP Software in the Cloud is PERFECT for you

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2023)


It’s about time startup owners and small business executives realize the value and importance of implementing a fully integrated management software system – ERP – right from the get-go. It may seem daunting and expensive at the beginning since 1. All ERP systems are believed to be expensive and 2. New businesses don’t have the extra budget for IT solutions. This is all understandable however these aren’t good enough reasons anymore to shy away from ERP systems. When your company is small and just starting out, this is probably the perfect time to implement a SaaS ERP solution in the ‘Cloud’. You can get your small team trained quickly and used to working the right way from the start. Keep reading to learn more…

Important Aspects to Consider

We all know that fully integrated ERP software solutions allow you to store data from all parts of a company into one system, essentially streamlining your business processes. Software as a Service, where any business can easily pay a monthly subscription per user, allows for an easy, quick and affordable setup of an ERP system. SaaS in the Cloud has eliminated the requirement for a large initial investment to implement a software solution at a company. This has thus permitted companies of ALL sizes to use the latest technologies at their small businesses. What’s the point of having an ERP solution at a startup or small business however?

It’s true that many startups start off with a few employees, however Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and emails can only get you so far. [Read our previous blog on the dangers of using Microsoft Office to run your business] Often times, when a startup or small business begins to grow, it happens all too quickly. The limited staff and inflexible applications in place will not be able to handle the growth. Having an ERP solution would make a huge difference at this moment as it allows businesses plenty of room to grow. Other important aspects:

  • Keeping track of daily important projects/tasks: it can get quite difficult to keep track of all the tasks on a daily basis with just a few spreadsheets, when the company is growing. An ERP solution helps employees manage all their tasks and projects in one system.
  • Integration between different parts of a business: You surely don’t want your sales department, accounting department, warehouse, purchasing, etc. to be using all different, separate, smaller systems. In this case, information from those departments is stored separately, making it very difficult for everyone to be on the same page and to analyze the same data. By storing company data in one place allows employees and managers to make better decisions when it comes to sales growth and customer satisfaction. It’s crucial, especially when more and more staff is hired, that all the different departments and employees talk to one another and use an integrated system so they can all see the same accurate data and reduce the duplication of information, as this wastes time and resources.
  • Business Intelligence: powerful analytics and accurate data allow businesses to better serve customers, suppliers, and partners. BI tools can identify trends and strategic information and track performance easily and quickly. This can give any small business or startup a competitive advantage right from the start.


It’s about time startup founders realized the importance of starting their new business with the right software solution. Run your small business with the best technology on the market at an affordable price; check out erpWizard.