Moving to the ‘Cloud’ [FUN Friday Infographic]

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2022)

More and more small businesses are moving to the ‘cloud’ and IT companies are offering more services and solutions in the ‘cloud’.

Why are businesses and IT providers moving away from “on-premises”?

This past week at the XChange Event in San Antonio, Texas, many IT and business experts brought up this popular topic. Their response was that ‘cloud’ computing has many more benefits for all parties involved, no matter the size of the enterprise. Smaller companies are able to get ahead and compete with bigger players, as barriers are broken down and fast growth is not an issue anymore with a fully integrated solution in the “Cloud”, such as erpWizard. Companies are reporting increased efficiency, lowered costs, affordable predictable monthly payments, remote access, fast and easy software setups, secure business continuity and mobile solutions. Of course, along with finding the best cloud services and solutions for your business, hiring the right IT provider is extremely important as well to ensure the perfect customer experience.

Check out the image below from Rackspace to learn “Why ‘Cloud’ is a Big Deal for Small Business”.


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