(Last Updated On: December 13, 2022)

There are many software terms that have been trending in the last few years, namely “cloud”, “Enterprise Mobility”, “SaaS”, “mCommerce”, “Business Continuity” and so on. These trendy solutions are fast becoming a part of most businesses and are associated with improving efficiency. Today’s article is about ‘Cloud Integration’ and what it means to have a business that is fully integrated. iStock_000025039664Small

What is ‘Cloud Integration’?

This is a form of systems integration through ‘cloud’ services. In a fully integrated business, cloud integration services are usually for internal and Business-to-Business (B2B) processes. Therefore, a Cloud Integration Platform, that is offered ‘as a Service’, entails integrating on-premises applications, EDI gateways (or VANs), as well as cloud applications.

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EDI as a Service

We have mentioned our EDI2XML converter in many previous blogs. This useful EDI tool converts EDI X12 files into XML format and vice versa, allowing trading partners to communicate with each other easily and efficiently. Of course, as businesses are veering away from implementing systems or applications on-premises, this converter is offered ‘as a Service’. Exchanging EDI files has never been easier and can be done through our VAN services or a Point-to-Point connectivity.

Systems Integration Services

Nowadays, businesses strive to integrate all of their systems into one. Either they implement a fully integrated ERP solution with all necessary modules, such as erpWizard, or they look into cost-effective integration for “on-premises” and “cloud” systems. These services include eCommerce Integration, where your eCommerce or mobile Commerce store is fully integrated into your ERP management system, as well as Legacy (IBM, AS400) or Enterprise Systems integration (SAP, JDE, erpWizard, etc.).

Having all your systems and applications communicate with one another is extremely important in this day and age. Communication is vital in every business and by allowing your departments and employees to communicate important data and messages will result in more accurate data, better decision-making and company growth and efficiency.

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