A Fully Integrated ERP Software Solution made to Improve Efficiency and Increase ROI

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2022)

Most small to medium-sized enterprises face difficult challenges every day without finding a long-term solution to their problems. Limited resources are usually what prevent these companies from finding better ways of handling issues or improving productivity in the workplace. However, competition is getting tougher in the business world, as companies are not only competing on a national level but on a global scale. Businesses need to be running like a well-oiled machine to be successful in this competitive business environment, however most aren’t and are struggling to stay alive. Our IT firm developed a software solution to reduce many problems SMEs face. It allows businesses to grow by improving efficiency and increasing ROI.

HardEasy_wayHosted ERP Solution

A hosted ERP software solution, such as Namtek Consulting Services’ fully integrate ERP solution, ErpWizard, is a great new way to significantly reduce the hassles involved with managing software and hardware on your premises. Responsibility is on the shoulders of the service provider team. It’s now possible to provide all the same features, capabilities and advantages found in more expensive “big name” ERP solutions for a reasonable subscription cost.

ErpWizard offers the following benefits:

  • Lower initial investment to get started
  • Lower cost of ownership with this “hosted” ERP solution
  • Expense of hiring and retaining IT staff is greatly reduced; the management of the business application software is done by the service provider
  • Software upgrades are hassle-free; no downtime, no glitches
  • Software as a Service (SaaS); ERP solution offers a cloud subscription option, where business application software is hosted in the cloud (see more about this option below) as well as an “on premises” option
  • Minimize common and unexpected system problems that kill productivity and eat into profits; your IT resources will finally be put to good use

Cloud Services

“Automating tasks in the cloud reduces manual processes as well as increases employee productivity by up to 39%”

From global SMB IT Market Research & Industry Analyst organization, Techaisle

“In the cloud” simply means that users access their computer services and software solutions over the Internet or computer networks. The above survey results, published by Techaisle, show a huge increase in efficiency by simply offloading complex hardware and business applications software to an integrated ERP software solution in the cloud.

Accessibility to Real-time Business Data

Growing and adapting to any business climate without complex issues are what SMEs strive for. However they aren’t well equipped to do this. Having the right integrated ERP solution with the necessary modules will leave your business running smoothly no matter what comes your way. ErpWizard allows your employees to have access to many different modules and reports, regardless of their department or location. It is important that your ERP software solution provides consistent access to error-free, real-time business data.


ErpWizard Modules

  • Duties documentation management for cross border sales
  • Financial and accounting
  • Inventory management
  • Purchases and transit management
  • Sales management
  • Shipping and billing

Improve your business

Having the proper business tools and resources can truly improve efficiency, which can then increase ROI. Competition is getting tougher and using outdated, inefficient business software solutions for each department will only make things worse. SMEs now have the option to choose a fully integrated ERP business solution, designed for any industry. Its affordability, ease of use, simplicity, integrative modules and cloud services make this business application software the best one to improve your business.

Contact us to learn about ErpWizard’s “on-premises” package or “cloud” subscription package.

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