What exactly is ERP and why is it so valuable?

ERP Definition = ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is a fully integrated software suite. It allows users to view, manage and track core business processes and resources using one single database, all in real-time. Read more

puzzleMany employees have gotten used to working with several different systems; one for their accounting needs, another for CRM, and another for inventory and on it goes. However, wouldn’t it be easier and better if all employees used one system for all their business needs? Not only would this create a better work environment, it would also help increase sales as it improves visibility and allows employees to better respond to opportunities. Read more

There are many software terms that have been trending in the last few years, namely “cloud”, “Enterprise Mobility”, “SaaS”, “mCommerce”, “Business Continuity” and so on. These trendy solutions are fast becoming a part of most businesses and are associated with improving efficiency. Today’s article is about ‘Cloud Integration’ and what it means to have a […]

It is extremely important for any business owner to find the right business software applications. I cannot stress enough that the most efficient software programs are those that are fully integrated under the same package or platform. I will explain why in the following blog. Read more

“Canadians are online, but Canadian businesses aren’t there. The result is Canadian consumers are buying online from the U.S. and other countries”

Anita Bezeau, Assistant VP, Information & Communication Technology Solutions at the BDC

Nowadays, consumers are not only shopping in malls and stores. Many of them shop or even just browse online, from their home computers, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones. However, as online shopping is gaining popularity, Canadian businesses are falling behind.

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