puzzleMany employees have gotten used to working with several different systems; one for their accounting needs, another for CRM, and another for inventory and on it goes. However, wouldn’t it be easier and better if all employees used one system for all their business needs? Not only would this create a better work environment, it would also help increase sales as it improves visibility and allows employees to better respond to opportunities. Read more

It is extremely important for any business owner to find the right business software applications. I cannot stress enough that the most efficient software programs are those that are fully integrated under the same package or platform. I will explain why in the following blog. Read more


Bank Book

Finding the right business software solution is tough. It is not the same as buying office supplies for your company. This process is much longer since more thought, research and training is involved. This is why our team at NAMTEK Consulting Services decided to give you a glimpse at our integrated business software solution, named ErpWizard, so we help make this process a little bit easier. Getting to know the different aspects, capabilities and sections found in this efficient and easy to use solution can give you a better understanding of how IT can help grow and simplify your business processes to be more efficient.

Today’s blog is a technical analysis and introduction to erpWizard’s Bank Book. Read more

“Canadians are online, but Canadian businesses aren’t there. The result is Canadian consumers are buying online from the U.S. and other countries”

Anita Bezeau, Assistant VP, Information & Communication Technology Solutions at the BDC

Nowadays, consumers are not only shopping in malls and stores. Many of them shop or even just browse online, from their home computers, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones. However, as online shopping is gaining popularity, Canadian businesses are falling behind.

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Why do Fashion & Apparel Companies need an Integrated Software Solution?Bringing together all the facets of your business into one seamless whole is of great benefit to virtually any company; among other endowments, it eliminates the waste that often transpires from one phase or function to the next – especially in manufacturing verticals. In particular, integrated software solutions and fashion is a tandem that performs especially well together; because of the erpwizard modules that implement and oversee so many aspects endemic to apparel, footwear and general fashion:

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This post was updated to reflect current trends and information.

Heteregonous Business Applications

Integrated business appplications

In the recent past, the norm for a company that wanted to automate its financial and accounting processes was to employ several software business applications for the job. You would have one for manufacturing; another – often from an entirely different software company – for distribution, and so on. This led to the accepted standard of needing an in-house business software application team to oversee the collection of tools, and solve unique tech problems that often arose from the instability of such systems.

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