We all know that ‘change’ can be hard. However, change can also be a great thing. It may be difficult at first but in the end it can prove to be the best thing for you, or your company. Therefore, convincing your boss to implement a new ERP software system can be quite difficult, as this would mean a big change for the whole company. However, if you strongly feel that major improvements would come from this change then you should definitely do all you can to talk to your boss and show him or her the list of benefits associated with an upgraded solution. Here are some key points to mention: Read more

danger-41393_640Many small businesses rely heavily on Excel spreadsheets and Word documents to run their daily business operations. I cannot stress enough how this may work fine when the company is just starting out, as Microsoft Office programs are powerful tools, within a company’s budget and are well known amongst employees. However, in the long run, these programs can be quite dangerous to the survival or growth of the company. Read more


Today’s article will explain the necessary steps to take in order to get your business up and running with erpWizard, Namtek’s fully integrated ERP software solution. You will learn how to configure companies and users and how to setup master tables.

We love giving you inside glimpses into NAMTEK’s fully integrated business software suite, erpWizard. For a company to be efficient, it needs a fully integrated system with all the necessary sections. In today’s blog, we will take an inside look at the Sales Orders Maintenance section, which can be found in the Sales and Distribution menu under Sales Processing, Entries and Processing. Read more

When an executive is faced with the decision to either change their existing business system or adopt their first solution, in the case of a start-up, there are many questions that surface. The main ones however are of course, ‘What type of business management system should I adopt for my company?’ ‘What is the right system to run my business: is it an off-the-shelf packaged application or a fully integrated software solution?’ Read more

Executives and owners of small and mid-size businesses have been faced with many challenges and changes in 2013, putting a lot more pressure on them to reach their goals and objectives in this difficult economic time. As an IT consultant and developer, I have learned a lot and seen what numerous businesses have been through this last year. This article was written to share with you credible information about the trends of 2014 as well as the solutions for growth and success for the future.

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Most small to medium-sized enterprises face difficult challenges every day without finding a long-term solution to their problems. Limited resources are usually what prevent these companies from finding better ways of handling issues or improving productivity in the workplace. However, competition is getting tougher in the business world, as companies are not only competing on a national level but on a global scale. Businesses need to be running like a well-oiled machine to be successful in this competitive business environment, however most aren’t and are struggling to stay alive. Our IT firm developed a software solution to reduce many problems SMEs face. It allows businesses to grow by improving efficiency and increasing ROI.

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