IT: What Bold Moves Will You Be Making This Year?

(Last Updated On: September 11, 2023)

I am sure you are all already swamped in a crazy workload. Back in December, we gave our readers a post-holiday mission – to sit down after the busy holiday season, once things calmed down, in order to carefully examine their company’s current processes to find areas that can be improved and simplified. This would allow business owners and executives to then write down some objectives that they’d like to accomplish during the coming year.

In our opinion, 2016 should be about making some bold moves to make a positive difference in your company’s performance and revenue. Drop what hasn’t been working in the last few years and make smart moves towards innovation and improvement. The business world is constantly changing; companies need to be flexible, innovative, and integrated and executives need to embrace change, rather than fear it! Managers and employees need to continuously question their business processes, company direction, industry, target market, products, services, suppliers, etc. New challenges will always arise; so my question to you is, will you be able to handle them easily and efficiently?

Most companies can’t, and so they fall behind. For those that do, they are continuously looking at new ways to improve, add value and grow by:

  • simplifying their business processes with upgraded management solutions
  • building a better company culture (increasing team spirit and collaboration)
  • looking for new learning opportunities (never stop learning)
  • promoting strategic thinking company-wide (everyone should have the right information at their fingertips to be able to think and make strategic decisions)

Ask yourself the question “How can my company be better at [Insert Business Area]?” For example, how can my company be better at communicating with Trading Partners? How can my company be better at increasing customer satisfaction? How can my company be better at forecasting sales trends?

These areas can be found by examining all your pain points and weaknesses during the last few years. Have you been falling behind on production? Is your old-fashioned, unresponsive website hurting your business?

Never stop asking the tough questions! If you are unsure how to answer them, speak to the rest of your team to gain insight on daily operations and processes and /or hire a Consultant to help you!

Setting the right goals and tasks today will allow your business to start the year off on the right track. These goals will allow you to think

  • longer term (where you want your business to be in 3 or 5 years)
  • about the end-goal
  • about the types of investments required to complete your goals for the year (time & effort, capital, etc.).

Most importantly, you want to see if you will be able to achieve your goals during the year and if not, how come and what can be done instead to get on the path to achieve them in the future?

All in all, be bold and take chances. Staying in the same place might be the safe route but in the business world, it’ll hold you back in last place.

So, what goals and bold moves have you decided to make this year?

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