NAMTEK’s Top 7 Business Gadgets [FUN Friday]

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2022)

Recently, IT Business Edge released a publication on new tech gadgets to prepare business people for the New Year. We’ve gone through their list and found some that we think would be great for our readers and hopefully make their work lives a little bit easier. These cool and affordable gadgets don’t only sound fun to use but they will also help increase productivity and save time in the workplace.

Here are our top 7 gadgets:

1. Doxie One

This cool little gadget is a scanner designed to scan anything from papers to photos to receipts. The great thing about this new scanner is the fact that you can scan without the need of a computer. The images are saved on an included SD memory card, which you can then simply put your files on your desktop or tablet.

Doxie_One2. Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760

This light-powered wireless keyboard never needs to be charged or have its batteries replaced since all it needs is lamp or sunlight. It also has the capability to work from up to 30 ft away and due to its “Easy-switch” technology, the user can switch between 3 Bluetooth devices within seconds.


3. TwelveSouth Compass Mobile Stand

This mobile stand is great for tablet users on the go. It is constructed from heavy gauge steel, can be easily slipped into any bag and works as an easel or a regular stand. Pair it with Logitech’s Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 and you’re good to go!

4. IDAPT i4 Universal Charger

IDAPT_i4_Universal_ChargerThis universal charger is perfect if you use many mobile devices throughout your day. It has the ability to charge up to 4 mobile devices simultaneously.

Various charging tips include:
  • mini USB
  • micro USB
  • Lightning
  • Old Apple Universal dock
  • Tips for various digital cameras
  • Tips for rechargeable AA or AAA batteries
  • Separate USB port to plug in a standard USB cable for tablets or other heavy devices
No need to bring around all the different chargers for your devices anymore. This one charging mount has it all; perfect to be left at the office.


5. Livescribe Echo SmartpenLivescribe_Echo_Smartpen

A pen AND a recording device? YES! This Smartpen allows you to take notes while recording audio. You can save these notes to your computer, iPad or iPhone with a micro-USB connector, which also allows you to charge your pen. Depending on the model and memory storage, the pen can either hold 400 or 800 hours of audio.

6. iFusion

iFusioniFusion is an “integrated communications docking station” for the iPhone.

Below are a few of its capabilities and advantages:
  • Has built-in Bluetooth technology
  • speaker phone
  • superior voice quality
  • supports iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4
  • Comes with an interated USB cable to charge the battery and synchronize data
  • iPhone music can be played over the speakerphone


7. NEC P420X Projecto

NEC_P420X_ProjectoIf you’re looking to deliver more effective presentations, then check out NEC P420X, a professional installation projector. Great for corporate boardrooms, this projector delivers:
  • amazing brightness (4200 lumens)
  • built-in wall color correction
  • automatic keystone correction
  • wired and wireless networking
  • up to 3500 hours of lamp life
  • comes with an active lens cover, perfect to hide content, mute audio and lower lamp brightness

To view the full list of gadgets published by IT Business Edge, please visit 10 Hot New Tech Gadgets and 10 Productivity Gadgets to prepare for the New Year.

If you’ve already tried some of these cool gadgets and have some feedback, feel free to share.

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