I am sure you are all already swamped in a crazy workload. Back in December, we gave our readers a post-holiday mission – to sit down after the busy holiday season, once things calmed down, in order to carefully examine their company’s current processes to find areas that can be improved and simplified. This would allow business owners and executives to then write down some objectives that they’d like to accomplish during the coming year. Read more

Business intelligenceHaving all the company’s data right at your fingertips in a fully integrated management solution is amazing. However, many businesses are taking it a step further. They have implemented Analytics and Business Intelligence tools to help them not only see the data but understand what it all means. Basically, it’s not enough anymore to be able to just see data but now many executives are trying to make sense of it all. That’s the key in finding solutions right away, at the slightest indication of a problem. Read more