holiday-shopping-online‘Tis the season…to SHOP! Businesses get ready for this season well in advance to be able to accommodate the many shoppers that come in to buy presents and save on amazing deals on Boxing Day. However, for all those companies that are looking to get even more business and increase their sales they should start selling their products or services online!

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iStock_000025430915_ExtraSmallYou’ve probably heard or read many times that every business in this day and age needs an ERP solution to improve efficiency and revenue.

Is this true and how can a fully integrated ERP system really increase revenue? I’ve got the answers for you in today’s article.

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onlineIt’s unfortunate that in 2014 many businesses are missing out on business due to their lack of an online presence. They either don’t have a company website, no social media accounts, no eCommerce store, no blogging site; nothing that visitors can get information about the business. Nowadays, going online before buying products, visiting a restaurant or going to a store is quite common for many consumers. Read more

By now, most of us know what eCommerce is, as we’ve all either bought something online or searched on a company’s e-Store for our favorite products or services. However, not many business executives truly realize its value. Read more


 This post was updated to reflect current trends and information.

Namtek-IT Services2022 was a year where business executives really began taking a deeper look into new IT solutions to improve their company’s processes. ‘Cloud’ and ‘Mobility’ were, and still are, much talked about terms that have the potential to bring about big positive changes for companies of all sizes, such as growth, process improvements, software flexibility, mobility, ease-of-use, data accuracy, and overall efficiencies.
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An e-Commerce Store is an online retail of goods and services. In recent years, it has become the most convenient way for consumers to browse, shop and buy from their favorite retailers (Click to Tweet). However, statistics keep being published showing only a very low percentage of Canadian small and mid-size enterprises having an e-Commerce site.

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 image1 - E-store: identify the right solution - Namtek Consulting ServicesNo distribution company today can afford to ignore the potential in online purchasing.

 The online store is so popular with consumers that 80% of Web users pre-visualize products before purchasing them.1 Therefore, to meet these expectations, it is all the more imperative for these companies to develop an online store solution that will represent such a growing market2.

However, only 10% of Quebec SMEs, that have 20 or fewer employees, have an online store solution.The situation at the national level is not any better. A recent poll shows that only 22% of Canadian SMEs employ an online store.

This is due to the common belief that most SMEs cannot afford an online store solution or that they cannot find one that will suit their business needs.

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