(Last Updated On: December 13, 2022)

Quick Backup Recovery, also known as QBR, is the latest in the Business Continuity world. Before this solution, businesses were using traditional data backup and restore, which normally consisted of tape drives and storage devices. Unfortunately, there are many problems that businesses can encounter with these traditional methods [Read: The Dangers Behind Backup & Restore That Many Business Owners Aren’t Aware Of]. For starters, tapes have a failure rate of about 50%! On top of this, if there is a disaster and you are part of the lucky few that the tapes do work, the recovery process is quite long. This downtime can be extremely costly, financially and reputation-wise, for your business. In today’s fast-paced business world, no business can afford to trust their sensitive data with an unreliable system or method.

Quick Backup Recovery

This is why Business Continuity solutions, like QBR, are the latest craze when it comes to the backup & restoration of a company. QBR is a hybrid business continuity and recovery solution. It has the capability to store data both on-premises and in the cloud. No human intervention is needed during backup. Virtual Machine snapshots are scheduled from the start at which point QBR can take snapshots at intermittent times throughout the day of the office servers and workstations to be stored on the QBR device as well as pushed off-site in the cloud. This off-site capability ensures optimal safety in case the QBR device gets damaged from a fire, flood, or other means on-site. During the restoration process, there are several options available to the business;

  1. File Restore: If the company needs to recover a specific file(s) from a specific VM taken at a specific time of the day
  2. Bare Metal Restore: If a company needs to restore a complete VM from the local device into a physical machine
  3. Export VM: If a company needs to restore the backup from the QBR device to HyperV or VMware format, so it can be deployed on a virtual environment.

With all of these options, a company’s data can be accessed almost immediately during a disaster. The whole point of a Business Continuity solution is to ensure a business remains operational, without any data loss, during a disaster.

When it comes to your business’ future, don’t take a chance! Look into the safest way to backup and restore your data with QBR.