Can Small Businesses afford a Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solution?

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2023)

Traditionally, Small Business and Business Continuity do not go in the same sentence. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans and solutions were typically designed and offered to larger enterprises. These solutions were simply out of reach for the smaller players. However, just like many other software systems on the market, we are seeing big changes in accessibility and affordability due to the emergence of the cloud and new technologies.

Unfortunately, we are still seeing far too many small businesses without a solid plan and solution to keep their company safe from disasters. Why is this the case? Planning for disasters isn’t a priority because of the following;

  • Many small business owners still assume that all Business Continuity solutions are too expensive and difficult to manage
  • Others believe that they’ll never get hit by a disaster (denial!) – either man-made (accidental deletion, virus, security breach) or natural (flood, fire, ice storm) or even hardware or software-related like system errors or server malfunctions.
  • Others believe that even if they are hit by a crisis/disaster, it won’t be too bad and if it is then there is nothing they could have done about it anyway.
  • Far too many believe that because their business is small (perhaps they are only about 5-10 employees), there is no need to spend time and effort on a Business Continuity plan and solution.


So why should these owners prioritize writing up a Disaster Recovery plan and implementing a simple and affordable Business Continuity solution? Here are a few GREAT reasons;

  • If a disaster strikes a small business and operations are down, there is no income; owners, employees and bills won’t get paid; customers won’t get serviced; this downtime can cause the company to shut down. Having a Business Continuity solution and plan allows these companies to minimize or eliminate any downtime in order for operations to run like normal. Backing up company data and being able to easily and quickly recover and access it is essential and can be the make it or break it for many companies. Today, with the abundance of data and the increased risks of losing it all, Business Continuity is not an option; it is a necessity to keep your business safe.
  • Another important reason is being dependable for your business partners. Many companies will decide whether to do business with you depending on how much they can rely on you for supplies and products. If you are not dependable due to the fact that your company is not prepared to handle a crisis or disaster appropriately, then they will look elsewhere. This can cause your company to lose business or partnerships.

THE Business Continuity Solution for Small Businesses

QBR’s A and AL series were specifically developed and designed for Small to Medium Enterprises. It is easy to use, affordable, accessible and scalable for when your business grows. This solution will give you the confidence in your backup plan and know that no matter what comes your way, your business will be safe.

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