Completely Protect your Data with this Easy, Affordable Solution

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2023)

Nowadays, many businesses, small or large, input and store their data in some kind of system(s), like a CRM system, an Accounting software, a Warehouse Tracking system, or a fully integrated ERP management solution. Unfortunately, these companies, who rely so heavily on these systems and on having real-time data, still trust their backup tapes, disks or online methods. In this case, how safe is their business data from being lost due to an unexpected crisis or disaster? From our experience, not safe at all!

There was a reason why companies moved away from paper and pen documentation of data to using integrated management systems. Now, it’s just as critical that these enterprises move away from traditional backup methods to intelligent Business Continuity solutions for total protection of their data, no matter what happens.

Here are some reasons why you should move away from Traditional Backup methods, such as tapes, disks or relying solely on online methods:

Traditional Backup

  1. Recovering data after a disaster occurs typically takes days or even weeks IF the data is even recoverable (see point #2)
  2. Tape failure rates are over 50%!! Therefore, recovery of data fails due to hardware failure. Unfortunately, with tapes and disks it is difficult and long to regularly test if the backup is even working. Months can go by without anyone realizing the backup tape has not been working…
  3. There is a high potential for theft or loss of media, as employees usually take & store their backups off-site at the end of the day. This is also time consuming.
  4. Data is at risk when based in only one location – either local OR in the cloud
  5. The whole process of backing up data takes long. It takes even longer to recover this backed up data after a disaster (see point #1).
  6. Heavy manual administration and intervention is required for backup (high risk of failure – 58% of downtime is due to human error)


Business Continuity

  1. Recovering data with a Business Continuity solution is effortless and quick; takes hours, minutes or even seconds for a complete recovery.
  2. Verification of backups are easy and can be done at every backup, if requested. Automated screenshots of each image-based backup are taken to verify if they were in fact successful.
  3. The process of transferring files to off-site data centers is quick, efficient and secure (proper encryption ensures the safety of data).
  4. Business Continuity is a hybrid backup and recovery solution; each image-based backup is automatically saved in multiple locations – local device and off-site in the cloud (in secure data centers)
  5. The backup process is quick, automated (can be scheduled at intermittent times throughout the day) and requires no human intervention.
  6. High-priority data can be transferred off-site first, for optimal protection
  7. In the event of a disaster, even if the local device was destroyed, data can be accessed from the cloud and employees can continue working remotely in no time


It’s time enterprises stop relying on insufficient technologies to protect their sensitive data. Downtime can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars and in some cases, some businesses can’t bounce back from this lost time and data. Ensure continuity of business operations with the latest, affordable Business Continuity solution, such as QBR.

Have a quick look at these slides for more information about Business Continuity, today’s ultimate data protection solution: