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How to improve productivity using integrated business applications

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2016)
Efficiency is among the most difficult challenges faced by small to medium-sized enterprises today. Since limited resources are common place within these organizations, staying competitive against the better-funded, global competition is tough. Whether your company is focused on surviving during this tough economic climate or aiming to improve productivity for higher return on investment, hosted software is the solution.

erpWizard software business application

Cloud-based Services


Cloud-based services allow users to access computer services and software over the Internet or computer networks. According to a survey initiated by SMB research firm Techaisle, automating tasks in the cloud reduced manual processes and increased employee productivity by up to 39 percent. Enterprises can increase efficiency by offloading the responsibilities of complex hardware and business applications software to an ERP solution.

Hosted ERP Solutions

erpWizard a cloud based ERP software Hosted ERP solutions reduce or eliminate the hassle involved with managing software, and they shift the burden and responsibility over to the service provider. ErpWizard, a fully integrated ERP solution, offers a subscription package with numerous benefits, including: – Lower initial investment to get up and running – Enjoy a lower cost of ownership while using hosted business applications software – Your company’s IT staff can focus on managing the company’s technology and preventing downtime instead of managing and troubleshooting business applications – Hassle-free software upgrades without the downtime causing glitches usually found with onsite networks and software applications – The expense of hiring and retaining IT staff is reduced; fewer staff members are needed when business applications are hosted in the cloud ErpWizard offers a cloud subscription option or an “on premises” option utilizing the Software as a Service model, also known as SaaS. To provide maximum value and impact for small to medium-sized enterprises, this business applications software has the capabilities and features found in more expensive, “big name” ERP solutions.

IT Resources

Investing unnecessary time and resources into troubleshooting, repairing and replacing old hardware is a common complaint shared by most enterprises. In addition, hardware problems can kill productivity and quickly eat into profits. Are your company’s IT employees making the best use of their time by chasing and fighting technology-related fires? Choosing hosted business applications such as ErpWizard will minimize these common and unexpected system problems that can bring your business to a grinding halt.

Secure Information Access

Companies that can quickly adapt to any business climate are the most efficient in times of turbulence. While other organizations are constantly tweaking their in-house business applications to get them to “talk” to each other, ERP solutions provide consistent access to important information.

erpWizard in the cloud, a Low risk investment

Rich Functions and Features

Your employees can access reports, forecasts, budgeting and more—regardless of their department and location—with the following modules included in ErpWizard: – Duties documentation management for cross border sales – Financial and accounting – Inventory management – Purchases and transit management – Sales management – Shipping and billing

Expand your business!

Your business can expand with less resistance when the proper tools and resources are put into place. Those outdated business software packages should be removed and replaced by an ERP solution. Expensive hardware and software packages are guaranteed to waste your investment when they become obsolete. However, ErpWizard starts at an affordable $150 per month, per user, and it only increases in value over time. Whether you choose an on-premise package or a cloud subscription, prepare your business for maximum productivity, award-winning efficiency and increased ROI—with the fully integrated ERP business solution: ErpWizard.

Whether you choose an on-premise package or a cloud subscription, prepare your business for maximum productivity, award-winning efficiency and increased ROI—with the fully integrated ERP business solution: ErpWizard.

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