We love sharing our favourite productivity apps with our readers. Here are some of the latest free Android & iOS mobile apps that are great for completing tasks, setting reminders, working in groups, and editing documents. Read more

Start-up companies normally start off with free business applications for many different functions or begin using Microsoft Office and emails. In the beginning this can handle their low volume of orders and manage their business processes sufficiently. However, as the company grows, processes become more complex and their current way of managing the business may not fit well anymore with their needs. Read more

2015 will be the year where many businesses will begin seriously looking into developing and implementing Enterprise Mobile Applications. These mobile apps will allow employees to efficiently use their smartphones and/or tablets to access office applications in order to work from anywhere and at any time. Why not put our powerful mobile devices to good use to input and send important information while on the road or on a job site? Eliminating the need for paper and pen in order to fill out order forms or to capture customer signatures will greatly improve order processing and customer satisfaction.

Take a look at this infographic to learn more about Enterprise Mobile Apps.

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Topic of the day is Remote Working

As we’ve mentioned in many of our previous blogs, the emergence of enterprise mobility and cloud computing in the workplace has allowed employees to work easily and securely from home. In the infographic below, created by Connect Solutions, a study shows how working remotely has many benefits, including better health, productivity and attitude as well as increased annual savings.

Take a look!

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Over the weekend, I read a great article on LinkedIn by Daniel Burrus, Innovation Expert, Global Futurist and Strategic Advisor (among other titles), about the transformation of business processes. He goes on to explain how business mobile applications designed for a company’s internal use and competitive advantage will explode over the next couple of years.  In his words, business mobile apps are a “hard trend”, which is something that will happen. Read more

Happy Friday Readers! Everyday this week, we shared on our social media pages a great infographic published by the BDC (Business Development Bank of Canada). The informative image is about the top trends that are shaping the future of Canadian business. Today’s blog will be a summary of this infographic.

The BDC states that Canadian businesses can benefit from many new and exciting opportunities by adapting and leveraging the following 5 trends: Read more

When an executive is faced with the decision to either change their existing business system or adopt their first solution, in the case of a start-up, there are many questions that surface. The main ones however are of course, ‘What type of business management system should I adopt for my company?’ ‘What is the right system to run my business: is it an off-the-shelf packaged application or a fully integrated software solution?’ Read more

This post was updated to reflect current trends and information.

As you well know, efficiency and integrity of your company’s data are just as important in the business marketplace as the product or service you sell. Corporations employ powerful and expensive resource management and software programs to preserve the smooth functioning of their multiple streams of company data, which becomes important because of their propensity to acquire verticals. Many of these programs are well beyond the budgetary scope of your average SMB, which is why erpwizard is making such waves as a viable business management solution alternative for the small/medium sized business. Read more
Efficiency is among the most difficult challenges faced by small to medium-sized enterprises today. Since limited resources are common place within these organizations, staying competitive against the better-funded, global competition is tough. Whether your company is focused on surviving during this tough economic climate or aiming to improve productivity for higher return on investment, hosted software is the solution.

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