Top 4 Common Business Software Misconceptions

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2023)

lot_of_workIt’s Friday (again)! This week’s FUN Friday blog is about the common misconceptions surrounding business software solutions. Many business executives are fearful of implementing new improved systems based on common misconceptions. Below is a list of 4 of the most common ones that our team encounters quite often.

 1. What works for the ‘big players’, works for your SME

Finding the right software solution for you, as an SME, should not be based on whether or not the ‘big players’ are using it. Those enterprises have a bigger budget and different business needs (and probably believe in misconception #2 in our list).


The right solution for you is one that is customized to your business needs and that comes with a support team that is available and ready to help. Developing business solutions does not only require extensive knowledge in programming but it requires a good understanding of business processes as well. It is extremely important for developers to evaluate the client’s needs and integrate those needs and functionalities into their software solution. Therefore, don’t look at what the large enterprises are using, instead look at what your business needs and can afford. Always keep in mind, that everyone enterprise is different; therefore every business solution should be tailored to their specific needs, without breaking the bank.

2. The best software solutions are the most expensive 


This truly isn’t the case, however we keep encountering this misconception. Just like everything else, goods with high price tags don’t necessarily mean those with the best value.  Technology is advancing at such a fast rate that to develop a solid, fully integrated ERP system does not require initial investments of hundreds of thousands of dollars anymore. Also, due to cloud computing (SaaS), many software solutions are recently priced as per user subscriptions. It’s unfortunate how some companies are still paying such high costs for a software solution, whereas they could have bought one with the same high value (or better) at a much lower price.


3. The selection process entails finding the software solution with the greatest technical functionality 

This misconception follows nicely with our previous one. Here we will talk about the ‘value’ of a business software solution. Of course a great solution should have the necessary technical functionalities that a business needs, however the selection process involves much more than this. To find the optimal solution for your business, it needs to be user-friendly, flexible and fully integrated, while having constant and regular software updates, an available support team, and a short implementation time frame.  Nowadays, business executives are looking for software systems that put functionality in the hands of the users, which is such an asset to have.

4. Implementation of a new software system is long, tedious, costly and requires big changes for the company 

Misconceptions about implementation are some of the most popular ones our team hears about. This truly is a fear among many business owners and managers, which have prevented many from changing their old outdated business systems for more efficient solutions.

HardEasy_wayIn the past, this misconception may have been true. However, due to the many technological advancements in recent years, the implementation process of software solutions does not require big changes, headaches and hassles, if done right. One of the reasons for this is due to SaaS (Software as a Service) where there is no hardware to be installed. Also, developers, like our team, have come up with ways to make this transition easier for the business employees and have made solutions much simpler to use. Long gone are the days where upgrading to a better software solution is a headache. Nowadays, knowing you’re business is about to become more efficient, gets many business owners giddy with excitement!


Hope we helped clear up a few things about business software solutions. If you have other hesitations or concerns, please feel free to message us!