Engaging Tech-Site Visits from Millennials [FUN Friday Infographic]

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2022)

Millennials are quite unique in their buying behavior and in the way they acquire information. It’s important for businesses to understand this group of 18-34 year old (Gen Y) in order to know to how reach them.

Below is a great infographic from IDG Research Services on how to engage tech-site visitors (Daily Infographic, 2014)

Some interesting findings include:

  • Mobile devices are one of a Millennial’s most valuable possession

  • This tech-savvy group likes to seek information or read up-to-date articles on the go via apps (for news, weather, cooking, travel, etc.)

  • Millennials want information immediately and favor websites that are “direct, straightforward, unbiased and reliable” (Daily Infographic, 2014).

All in all, IDG Research Services found that “the best way to get the business of a millennial is to capitalize on social media, use direct and honest data and opinions” and stay up-to-date (Daily Infographic, 2014).



Source: Daily Infographic (2014)

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