By now, most business people have heard about the “Cloud” in one way or another. In today’s blog, I will go on to explain how all roads lead to the ‘cloud’ and how for most businesses, no matter the size, it is fast becoming the preferred choice over any ‘on premises’ options. Read more

There are many software terms that have been trending in the last few years, namely “cloud”, “Enterprise Mobility”, “SaaS”, “mCommerce”, “Business Continuity” and so on. These trendy solutions are fast becoming a part of most businesses and are associated with improving efficiency. Today’s article is about ‘Cloud Integration’ and what it means to have a […]

When an executive is faced with the decision to either change their existing business system or adopt their first solution, in the case of a start-up, there are many questions that surface. The main ones however are of course, ‘What type of business management system should I adopt for my company?’ ‘What is the right system to run my business: is it an off-the-shelf packaged application or a fully integrated software solution?’ Read more

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As we have mentioned in our posts, eCommerce has been very popular in the last few years amongst small and medium size businesses. Executives are realizing the potential of online selling since it has been known to increase sales, revenue and brand exposure. As there has been much hype around this topic, many trends have emerged and would definitely be beneficial for SMEs.

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 This post was updated to reflect current trends and information

Why do Fashion & Apparel Companies need an Integrated Software Solution?Bringing together all the facets of your business into one seamless whole is of great benefit to virtually any company; among other endowments, it eliminates the waste that often transpires from one phase or function to the next – especially in manufacturing verticals. In particular, integrated software solutions and fashion is a tandem that performs especially well together; because of the erpwizard modules that implement and oversee so many aspects endemic to apparel, footwear and general fashion:

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