Dangers of Running a Business solely on Microsoft Office tools

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2023)
danger-41393_640Many small businesses rely heavily on Excel spreadsheets and Word documents to run their daily business operations. I cannot stress enough how this may work fine when the company is just starting out, as Microsoft Office programs are powerful tools, within a company’s budget and are well known amongst employees. However, in the long run, these programs can be quite dangerous to the survival or growth of the company.
Relying on spreadsheets to store sensitive company data is a big mistake for the following reasons:
  • As more and more information is being added to Excel spreadsheets, the more likely these spreadsheets will become unstable. This increases the risk for data loss and corruption.
  • Typos and oversights are common errors that can occur in Excel spreadsheets. They are typically quite difficult to catch and can create serious problems for a company.
  • As spreadsheets are emailed back and forth between employees or departments, it’s common for various versions of the same file to be going around. Different information can be travelling from person to person, making analyzing the data difficult and efficient decision-making impossible.

Eliminate Spreadsheets with erpWizard

When dealing with sensitive company data, it’s crucial that employees are analyzing the right up-to-date information in order to make the best decisions for company growth and success. By implementing one system that can store all this information for all employees and departments to access is the best solution to many business problems. Microsoft Office has many powerful tools that are very useful to companies however they should NOT be solely used in running a company. A fully integrated ERP solution, like erpWizard, can eliminate all these spreadsheets and potential errors and thus allow for better visibility and efficiency throughout the company.

erpWizard is a SaaS-based fully integrated ERP solution in the cloud. It was developed to empower small to mid-size business with the latest applications to increase profitability and efficiency. It was built on Magic Software’s UniPaaS as well as advanced database technology of .NET platform. This solution is suitable for all industries and perfect for any size business. To view a live demo of this system, contact us.