iStock_000025430915_ExtraSmallYou’ve probably heard or read many times that every business in this day and age needs an ERP solution to improve efficiency and revenue.

Is this true and how can a fully integrated ERP system really increase revenue? I’ve got the answers for you in today’s article.

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Nowadays businesses are overloaded with a lot of data, some of which can be unimportant or unnecessary but most can be used to make crucial decisions for the growth and success of a company. How can executives analyze this data to detect strategic information? Two words: Business Intelligence (BI). Read more

The growing mass of data generated by businesses is a real challenge. The lack of effective tools to identify trends hidden in the large amounts of information1 often prevents companies from identifying strategic information critical to their competitiveness. Fortunately, technology now makes it possible to meet this gap using Business Intelligence tools that are capable […]

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Analytics, KPIs vs. Reports

Employing some form of analytics to track company’s performance is more important than ever before, given the increasing competition in even the newly-realized platforms for business expansion – such as the mobile space.Go beyond reporting with integrated business intelligence software

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) should be well-managed and easily-defined, so that the path to enhancing your business results is painless and adaptable to the changing times.

This is precisely where capable business intelligence software comes in. More than merely delivering accurate earnings reports, enterprise resource planning should entail automation of tasks, have wide applicability to multiple manufacturing and distribution industries, be affordable, and more. These attributes enable the SMB to concentrate on the business of running the company, without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality for cost.

As business intelligence software in the affordable SaaS model, erpwizard is at the front of the class for accomplishing all of these objectives, and it has a constellation of add-ons that ensure your business is ready to meet the challenges in any niche. Read more


Business Intelligence (BI)

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