NAMTEK News: Great start to 2014

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2022)

In today’s NAMTEK News, we are pleased to share with our fellow readers two special occasions that took place this past week;

“NAMTEK Takes a Magic Carpet Ride into the Cloud” by Glenn Johnson

On January 29th, we had the honor of being mentioned in an article published in Computer Technology Review by Glenn Johnson, Senior VP of Magic Software Enterprises Americas,entitled “NAMTEK Takes a Magic Carpet Ride into the Cloud”.

CTRCTR is a well-respected editorial website covering topics in the computer storage, networking and information technology industries.
The article features our very own Pierre Namroud, CEO of NAMTEK Consulting Services, and NAMTEK’s journey in developing a complete and comprehensive ERP system in the cloud. It also mentions NAMTEK’s next steps in enterprise mobility.
By combining its cloud-based solution and the vast possibilities brought by enhancing its clients’ experiences with enterprise mobility, NAMTEK continues to guide its clients toward ongoing improvement of their business operations”
The article can be found on here. If you enjoyed your read, share it!

Grand Opening of BNK Laboratories

On Wednesday evening, we had the pleasure of being part of the grand opening of BNK Laboratories, right here in Laval, Quebec. We know great things will come from their brilliant team and exceptionally high-tech lab, in diagnosis and clinical research.


And may I say, what an attendance! Several special guests, which included the Mayor of Laval, Mr. Marc Demers, and Mr. Robert Lefebvre, President of the CLD of Laval, as well as many other important figures from the business and scientific communities and political world.

Closing speeches came from Dr. Gilles Brisson, president and Scientific director of BNK Labo Canada Inc. To read more about this special occasion, please read the article in Courrier Laval.











Congratulations to the team at BNK Laboratories. Best wishes for success in your new venture!

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