Why our customers love their BI Dashboards integrated into their ERP Suite

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2023)

Business-Intelligence-Analytics_Tableau SoftwareA little while ago we stumbled on a Business Intelligence software called Tableau Software. This software can help just about anyone, from business executives to analysts to government officials to students, make sense of the data they have before them. Once we heard about this product and saw it first-hand we knew exactly how to make our customers happier than they already were with their ERP management suite, ErpWizard. We wanted to transform ErpWizard into something even better with the help of Tableau’s Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards. Here’s how we did it…

Back to Basics

An ERP system is essentially a data warehouse; all company data comes in and out to and from this software suite. You can have data coming in via:

  • EDI communication with your trading partners, in the form of Purchase Orders
  • eCommerce Store orders
  • Mobile Warehouse solutions, scanning boxes in and out
  • Staff manually entering data
  • And so on


So, once you have all your data stored in one safe place, in our customers’ cases ErpWizard, what are you to do with it? This is where Tableau comes in.

Tableau’s Business Intelligence Dashboards to the Rescue!

It’s all nice and dandy to be collecting important data into one database but it doesn’t end there. Business decisions rely on DATA. The next step would be to analyze this data in order to get company insights, statistics and reports, all shareable with the rest of the team. This is why our team integrated Tableau Software’s easy to use, visually attractive, useful dashboards into our ERP suite.


The data warehouse we built, erpWizard, houses all the data necessary for Tableau’s software so that business people can create visualizations, reports and dashboards to understand this abundance of data visually. This drag and drop dashboard has truly transformed the way our customers use their data to solve issues and to plan ahead.


Our customers can now visualize and create their own interactive dashboards, using real-time data, in minutes. This has resulted in better and faster decision-making. They couldn’t be happier!