Small & Medium Enterprises are realizing the importance of staying up-to-date by fetching data in real-time in order to make more accurate and informative decisions. Business Intelligence tools are all the rage nowadays as it helps top management analyze their data throughout the day via graphs, charts, tables, etc.

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Staying Competitive in Business With ITCloud, Social Media, Real-time, mobile, SaaS…all of these technology terms are constantly being spoken or written about. In today’s business world, these tech trends (that are clearly here to stay) are forcing many companies to change their business models. This is because they are having a hard time keeping up with today’s consumers, who are much more informed and connected to society and businesses. Consumers are able to make faster decisions by doing their own browsing and shopping online and in turn have higher expectations. Read more

What better way to improve overall business efficiency than to equip your field workers with a mobile business application that they can access from their personal mobile devices, on Android or Apple operating systems. This will allow for better visibility into their projects, all in real-time. By getting rid of all of this paperwork, fieldwork can be done much more efficiently and customer requests can be handled and completed much more quickly. Read more

We must first tackle the issue of finding the right Warehouse Management System (WMS), in order to streamline your business operations. Finding the right software platform, at an affordable price, can positively enhance your distribution network. Many of today’s most successful companies have achieved mobility, efficiency as well as ease-of access. These three aspects are crucial when selecting your WMS.

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