In many of Namtek’s previous articles, we mentioned the popularity of Mobile Commerce, or mCommerce, amongst consumers. However, a recent study done by research firm Reputation Leaders, concluded that consumers between the ages of 18 and 64 from 15 of the world’s largest markets are expecting businesses to have mobile-optimized eCommerce sites but are being let down.

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Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Commerce have been trending topics in recent months. Many of the larger enterprises have made the changes necessary to stay up-to-date and ahead of the game. However, many small businesses are still not satisfied and convinced by the statistics popping up everywhere about the importance of mobility in the business.

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In the last couple of years, mCommerce has been a popular topic in the business and IT worlds. By the end of 2013, this term blew up even more. What is mCommerce? Why is it so popular? What are the benefits for a business?

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