Inventory!!! Here’s my answer in one simple phrase: Track your stock properly!

This may seem like such an obvious thing to do if you are in the Manufacturing industry but funnily enough, there are still tons of companies out there that are not tracking their inventory correctly or with the proper tools. These companies are then left with either too much or too little inventory. How can this affect their business? Read more

Till this day, our IT experts are still walking into distribution centers or warehouses and witnessing employees using pen and paper to manage and track inventory. Many companies get too used to working a certain way that upgrading to a Warehouse Management System seems daunting and costly. One thing for sure is, a system like that is well worth it and has the power to streamline processes, increase overall efficiency and reduce costs, believe it or not. Read more

What exactly is ERP and why is it so valuable?

ERP Definition = ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is a fully integrated software suite. It allows users to view, manage and track core business processes and resources using one single database, all in real-time. Read more

If you have a warehouse and you are considering implementing an updated, mobile Warehouse Management System (WMS) to better manage and track your inventory then this article is for you. Take a look at what a WMS, like WIMS, can do for you: Read more

Does Inventory Affect a Business’ Bottom Line?

Inventory is a huge part of any business. If not managed efficiently, it can have distressing consequences on a company’s bottom line. Profit can be increased simply with the right inventoriStock_000005309144Smally management solution, eliminating common mistakes many executives don’t think twice about, such as inaccurate inventory tracking, excessive inventory, improper use of spreadsheets to track inventory and a lack of a backup plan and solution. All of these can add to expenses, increase human errors, affect sales and in turn customer service. Therefore, now that you know that efficient inventory management can increase profits, what do you do next?

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