2 Major Reasons to Upgrade your Management /ERP System

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2022)

2 Major Reasons to Upgrade your Management /ERP System

In today’s article, I will mention two major reasons for ditching your old legacy system or Excel Spreadsheets for a new, flexible, integrated Management Solution at your company, as told to us by our customers. This isn’t to say there aren’t a hundred other reasons to make this change however this post isn’t about listing all the benefits and improvements associated to a flexible ERP software system. Our customers, who currently use our latest ERP solution, erpWizard, came to us with two of the most important reasons that forced them to upgrade their out-dated Management System (and they couldn’t be happier!).

Reason No.1: What if I need to downsize my business?

At some point, a business owner may need to downsize his business for some reason or another. Perhaps this will be due to a lack of finances, slow economy, or even if owners want to take more control of their business by cutting some managers/employees. No matter the reason, if downsizing is required, it is very difficult to keep operations running as usual with LESS employees and NO automated system.

Without a system, there is so much manual data entry that goes on that most of your team’s day is filled with this unnecessary job. With less employees, the remaining staff will most likely have a higher workload and will probably be working at over their capacity. Orders may take longer to process, customer requests won’t be answered on time, invoices will be sent out late (in turn, payments will come in late), etc.

Sometimes, however, it’s not even about downsizing necessarily but about simply not having enough staff on hand to complete tasks. For example, our customers mentioned that especially during the Holiday season and summer months, a lot of their key employees/managers take off for vacations or for personal reasons. Before they implemented their new ERP system, they constantly worried about what would happen when these critical jobs and tasks weren’t completed due to a lack of staff. What then? Can operations run as usual without these key employees for a few days/weeks? For some companies, they can’t.

This is why it’s so important to equip your team with the latest system so that even if someone is absent for a few weeks or the economy is slow and you need to downsize your business, business processes remain automated and operations can run like nothing ever happened.

Reason No. 2: What if my business encounters sudden (& unexpected) growth?

Another reason why an automated and integrated system is essential and valued by many business owners is because of the ease of handling an overabundance of sales all at once. If their business starts booming from one day to the next, they can handle it without going in frenzy or having to hire more employees right away. They won’t be stuck or backlogged and their amazing customer service won’t be tarnished.

One major reason sudden growth is possible with an upgraded ERP system is the elimination of manual data entry that was once a huge part of employees’ days. With an automated system, a lot of their time is freed up so they can focus on tackling important tasks and projects to complete orders on time and keep growing the business.

Business owners don’t need to be afraid of sudden business growth (growth is a good thing!!) since they’ll have the peace of mind and know their team and system can handle anything that comes their way. Sudden growth is welcomed when you have the right team and ERP management system.

Don’t wait until the last minute when your business needs to downsize or experiences sudden growth and you realize all of it is too much for your team to handle without the proper tools. Automate and integrate your business processes to ensure operations can run smoothly no matter what comes your company’s way. Once your team gets used to a new upgraded system, they will thank you and you’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing your company is well equipped for whatever happens next.