Tangible & Intangible Benefits you’ll see with an ERP Solution

Business Automation
(Last Updated On: December 13, 2022)

iStock_000025039664SmallAny kind of benefit has an impact, small or large, on a business. Today’s article will list some tangible and intangible benefits executives and managers will see once their business implements an ERP solution, like erpWizard.

Let’s begin with the tangible benefits:

Decrease in inventory


With better visibility of accurate inventory levels, employees and managers will have a complete picture of real-time inventory in the supply chain. This will allow for better planning and reduced inventory.



Reduction in lead time

Once again, with better visibility into your production processes, you will be able to improve your turn around times. Managers will be able to see which unnecessary steps can be eliminated and reduce errors to increase lead times.

All-around productivity improvement

Once business processes are streamlined and automated, an increase in efficiency will occur.

Reduced payment processing and paper costs

The automation of payment and ordering processes will reduce the costs associated to this process.

Some more common intangible benefits include:

  • Increase in amount and accuracy of data
  • Quicker access to important information in order to make timely decisions
  • Reduction in manual work (data entry)
  • Increases organizational transparency


The benefits mentioned above are only a select few. There are many more advantages associated with fully integrated ERP solutions. It’s important to realize that with time and the proper user training, the intangible benefits surely can become tangible.

Try erpWizard out and see the improvements for yourself.