Business Technologies In this day and age, in order to stay ahead of your competitors and ahead of all those innovative startups coming along, it’s crucial to modernize your technology and business practices. Invest in the proper integrated management system, data analytics tools, website, eCommerce Store, EDI communication, etc. The more your business processes are streamlined and automated, the more your team will be able to concentrate on nurturing relationships with current customers and build relationships with new ones. Read more

Today’s infographic explains the 6 key criteria to check off when selecting a Management Software suite for your Small and Medium Enterprise. It’s about choosing the right system for your business needs to increase revenue, cut costs, improve efficiency and gain a competitive advantage.

Check off your list with NAMTEK’s erpWizard suite. Read more

integration_automationFirst, let us define these two terms:

System Integration: process of linking together many different software applications. This will allow employees to use ONE single management system, rather than using a separate system for every department/location/business function.

IT Automation: process of creating a seamless, continuous self-regulated workflow, where no human intervention is required. Read more

Check out another infographic created by our Team at NAMTEK Consulting Services on a fully integrated ERP software suite. Read more

IT Software Implementation

IT Software Implementation is a crucial step in improving an organization’s processes. This article explores the different stages and best practices required for a successful implementation. Discover how to effectively plan, prepare, deploy, and maintain software while minimizing operational disruptions. Maximize your company’s potential by establishing robust processes and fully leveraging the software’s functionalities.

One of the biggest challenges a company faces during an IT implementation project is having all employees (aka users of the new system) accept that change is coming. Many employees get used to doing specific tasks the same way each time. At a certain point in time, these tasks become habit. The implementation of a new software system, like an ERP solution, basically forces these employees to break their habits by completing their tasks and projects a different way, albeit more efficiently. Read more

If you have a warehouse and you are considering implementing an updated, mobile Warehouse Management System (WMS) to better manage and track your inventory then this article is for you. Take a look at what a WMS, like WIMS, can do for you: Read more