In ErpWizard, NAMTEK’s fully integrated ERP Management System, there is an automated mechanism, in which users can verify customer sales and credit limits. A customer’s credit limit is verified every time a sales order is pushed to the Pick/Pack process, only IF the end-user had previously configured a credit limit for that client.

In today’s post, I will guide you through the entire credit checking process in ErpWizard… Read more

holiday-shopping-online‘Tis the season…to SHOP! Businesses get ready for this season well in advance to be able to accommodate the many shoppers that come in to buy presents and save on amazing deals on Boxing Day. However, for all those companies that are looking to get even more business and increase their sales they should start selling their products or services online!

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onlineIt’s unfortunate that in 2014 many businesses are missing out on business due to their lack of an online presence. They either don’t have a company website, no social media accounts, no eCommerce store, no blogging site; nothing that visitors can get information about the business. Nowadays, going online before buying products, visiting a restaurant or going to a store is quite common for many consumers. Read more

Welcome to another one of our ‘How To’ blogs on our fully integrated business management solution, erpWizard. Today’s How To is on EDI Processing under the Sales and Distribution module. Have a look! Read more

We love giving you inside glimpses into NAMTEK’s fully integrated business software suite, erpWizard. For a company to be efficient, it needs a fully integrated system with all the necessary sections. In today’s blog, we will take an inside look at the Sales Orders Maintenance section, which can be found in the Sales and Distribution menu under Sales Processing, Entries and Processing. Read more

Today’s blog is the first of a series of three detailed guides showcasing the EDI section in erpWizard, our fully integrated software solution, straight from our IT experts.

Below we will give you a technical glimpse of how erpWizard works, what it looks like and show you just how user-friendly it really is when setting up EDI partners. Read more