Today’s erpWizard guide is a continuation into our General Ledger module. I will go on to explain how to setup the GL Entry Codes, create GL Entries and update them into the GL. To see Part 1 of this guide, click here.


Once again, to begin using erpWizard, you must be logged in with a user account that has the system rights to Create/Modify/Delete GL Entry Codes, GL Manual Entry and GL Manual Register. If you do not have these rights, you will need to ask your system administrator to assign them to you. In order to move onto this section, please be sure that you have already set up the GL Periods, Company Departments and GL Accounts.

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Today’s erpWizard guide is all about the GL Module. As it is an extensive module in our fully integrated ERP software solution, it has been broken down into four parts. Today’s article features the first section where I will go on to explain how to setup your GL Periods, GL Accounts and Company Departments.

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Once again, our team is giving you an inside glimpse at our fully integrated accounting and ERP software solution. This time, we are displaying the details of the financial statements section found in erpWizard’s Accounting menu.Financial_Statements_in_erpWizard1

Before you can define the setup of your financial statements, you must first create the Columns, Groups and Sections that will be used to create the reports. We show you how below. Read more


Bank Book

Finding the right business software solution is tough. It is not the same as buying office supplies for your company. This process is much longer since more thought, research and training is involved. This is why our team at NAMTEK Consulting Services decided to give you a glimpse at our integrated business software solution, named ErpWizard, so we help make this process a little bit easier. Getting to know the different aspects, capabilities and sections found in this efficient and easy to use solution can give you a better understanding of how IT can help grow and simplify your business processes to be more efficient.

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