How Modern EDI Can Be Your Missing Piece to an Efficient Company

(Last Updated On: September 11, 2023)

At this point in time, I’d say that most of our readers know what EDI is. We’ve written tons of articles and continuously provide educational resources on it. If you are still unsure of what EDI is and what it can do for your business, please refer to our EDI slide presentation or download our Intro to EDI guide to get better acquainted with this business communication method.

So, when speaking about traditional (or classic) EDI, which has been around for decades, we talk about being able to connect two business partners so that they can exchange documents, like Purchase Orders and Invoices, in EDI format (X12, EDIFACT) securely and efficiently, through electronic means. Today, however, it’s become much more than that due to all of the latest tech advancements and business changes, like SaaS or cloud computing. EDI has been modernized.

Modern EDI is a complete communication hub for all of a business’ supply chain needs. Companies can now exchange all types of documents (XML, flat files, CSV) and can connect between partners, software applications (like an online store, ERP), cloud services, etc. EDI services have also become much more flexible in order to increase visibility to all involved parties.

All in all, modern EDI allows companies to automate partner interactions with improved flexibility and efficiency. Companies can now respond quickly and easily to industry and partner changes or requests. They don’t need to wait until problems arise; they can prevent issues and respond to exceptions.

For additional cost savings and increased efficiency, look to outsource your EDI team to handle all of your EDI and IT integration needs. Traditionally, companies looked to hire their own in-house EDI team. Today, ‘EDI as a Service’ is a popular option for companies, no matter their size. Businesses no longer need to spend on high annual salaries, experience long and expensive setup phases or associate EDI to major headaches. Your EDI Provider can handle it all!

‘Modern EDI’ has truly become a complete communication package that companies can benefit from. This communication hub ensures full visibility and connectivity between all parties and software applications.

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