It’s hard to ignore all these new tools and apps on the market used for personal or business use. Take a look at Slack, a great communications platform for office use, or Hubspot, for marketing automation and CRM, or even Hootsuite, for social media automation. All of these tools have grown exponentially over the last few years in the business world. There are many more game-changing business trends ahead and today’s list is built on ‘integration’, ‘automation’, ‘visualization’, ‘SaaS’, and ‘disaster recovery’. These trends are nothing new; they are simply making their way to the smaller players. Large enterprises have had their fun with their tools and apps over the years; it’s time the smaller businesses have some fun as well. I’ll focus on the top 4 game-changing tools that will be used by small and medium businesses in the coming year and how these tools will change processes and performance for the better. Here we go; Read more

Our previous article spoke about the secret to a successful ERP implementation. This ‘secret’ was something many businesses tended to either ignore or overlook and in many cases, was the deciding factor for the success or failure of the implementation.

Today’s Slide Presentation, also found on our SlideShare profile, will briefly mention five other steps to follow in order to have a smooth, successful ERP implementation. These easy steps will allow companies to eliminate highly stressful and negative environments at companies during system implementations (where new business processes and system changes are often introduced and perhaps not fully welcomed by all employees just yet).

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It’s about time startup owners and small business executives realize the value and importance of implementing a fully integrated management software system – ERP – right from the get-go. It may seem daunting and expensive at the beginning since 1. All ERP systems are believed to be expensive and 2. New businesses don’t have the extra budget for IT solutions. This is all understandable however these aren’t good enough reasons anymore to shy away from ERP systems. When your company is small and just starting out, this is probably the perfect time to implement a SaaS ERP solution in the ‘Cloud’. You can get your small team trained quickly and used to working the right way from the start. Keep reading to learn more… Read more

Not ready to buy a fully integrated ERP Software Solution? No problem! However, it’s important to stay in-the-know and keep up with the latest trends, news, and solutions on the market. This will help you for the future, when your company is ready to begin a software implementation. Check out today’s infographic

Start-up companies normally start off with free business applications for many different functions or begin using Microsoft Office and emails. In the beginning this can handle their low volume of orders and manage their business processes sufficiently. However, as the company grows, processes become more complex and their current way of managing the business may not fit well anymore with their needs. Read more